Terms of Use for our Affiliate Program

The Squirrly Affiliate Program was created to provide custom affiliate and referral programs for companies and individuals who wish to promote Squirrly company products and earn a commission. Thank you for visiting us. The following Terms of Service outline your obligations and rights while using Squirrly.

Terms of Use.

Last Updated: August 17, 2022

  • changes made to the payment threshold section (payout threshold is now lower than it used to be) 

24th of February 2021 Update

  •  added updates to Products and Commissions section. 
  • included additional details regarding Tracking and Checkout to make the system easier to understand.  

25th Feb 2019 Update

  •  added updates to Acceptance and Products you can sell VIA affiliate program.
  • added updates to User Conduct (also explaining a bit how affiliate links work)
  • re-structured the whole Payments section
  • added a new section: sales funnels you can create, tracking and checkout page. (and virtual drop-shipping)
  • added updates to Eligibility
  • added updates regarding Copyright

1) Acceptance

The web pages and content available at Squirrly.co, my.squirrly.co, in the WordPress SEO plugin, and everything which is included in Services (or Squirrly Services) inside the Terms of Usage Agreement of the Squirrly Company, altogether referred to as site (“Site”), are owned and operated by Squirrly Limited (“Squirrly”, “We”, “Our”, “Squirrly Company”).

By accessing or using any part of our Site, you (“User”, “You”) signify that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms”, “Agreement”, “Affiliate Agreement”) whether or not you are a registered user of Squirrly.

If you do not agree to all the Terms set forth in this Agreement or our Privacy Policy, then you are not fit for this program and you should quit the program altogether. Do not join the program if you do not agree to all the Terms.

Squirrly reserves the right to change, modify, add, delete or replace any part of this Agreement at anytime, at our sole discretion, and without further notice. If this Agreement is changed for any reason, those changes will be posted to this page along with the date those changes were made. User is responsible for reviewing and regularly checking this Agreement. Use of the Site following any changes to this Agreement constitutes your acceptance of the updated terms.

If you accept these Terms, you also accept that we will contact you based on your answers to our affiliate forms to discuss further options and to expand our relationship. You accept to reply to those messages. They will contain new opportunities which we may make available for Development Agencies, SEO Agencies, Social Media Agencies, Web Developers, Freelancers, Personal Brands, Podcasters, Youtubers, Trainers, Coaches.

Please read these Terms carefully before using the Site, as they contain important information regarding your legal rights, remedies and obligations in connection with your use of the Site.

Also, by participating as an affiliate you, the User, declare acceptance and agreement to all the terms in our Terms of Use section.

2) Eligibility

Use of this Site and registration to become a member is void where prohibited. This Site is intended for users age 18 or older. Any registration by, use of, or access to the Site by anyone under the age of 18, is unauthorized, strictly prohibited, and in violation of this Agreement.

3) User Conduct

User understands and agrees that the Site is available for commercial use and you may be subject to Federal, State and Municipal rules, laws and regulations outside of this Agreement should you not be in compliance with any such rules, laws or regulations.

User agrees to not use the Site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by law, this Agreement, or any purpose not reasonably intended by Squirrly.

By using Squirrly, and participating as either an affiliate or company you are to adhere to the following rules of conduct:

  • You agree that this service is provided on an “as-is” and “as available” basis. Your use is at your own risk. Our site and your affiliate panel may, from time to time, be inaccessible due to server upgrades and maintenance.
  • All analytics, statistics, sales tracking and monitoring will be collected and calculated by the iDevAffiliate program we use at Squirrly for our software products, FastSpring payments (our third party payment integrator and reseller of Squirrly products), and Paddle payments (has been our trusted e-payments partner since 2023), and will be the only valid statistics used to compute commissions. This will make you rest assured that the calculations are objective and done by third parties, using advanced cross-domain and cross-browser tracking methodologies.
  • Absolutely no spamming will be tolerated. Any evidence of spamming may lead to absolute removal (your removal) from our platform.
  •  You must be the owner of the URLs being represented in the affiliate panel for your account or have express written permission from the company. This affects the affiliate links themselves, not the end-pages you point to (eg. wpmails.com/alex.html is an affiliate link ; whereas: alex.com/seo-products-2019 or: apple.com/squirrly or whatever site could very well be the end-page that users entering wpmail.com/alex will be re-directed to).
  • You must agree that Squirrly will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect and Squirrly will be held harmless for any losses you may incur.
  • User may not, under any circumstance, create instances of negative publicity for the Site and the Squirrly Company. User may not spread fake news, or any type of fake information about the way in which the Site or the Product works. In any such violation, the Site and the Squirrly Company may at any time remove User from the agreement, shut down User’s account, materials, URLs and no further payments will be made to that User from that day forward (including the day when the violation has been presented by Site and Company to User, and including all current un-claimed and un-paid commissions in the affiliate account)
  • User will NEVER, under any circumstance, use keywords like “Squirrly coupon”, “Squirrly discount”, “Squirrly Deal”, “Squirrly Offer” to rank pages on search engines. If user decides to use such keywords inside the page where User presents an offer or coupon validated by the Site, then that page needs to be non-indexable by search engines, either by entry in robots.txt or by use of a no-index tag. If user is unsure what this means, User needs to avoid any such keywords in User’s marketing materials, sites and any digital content. Failure to comply with this section of the agreement will remove User from the agreement, shut down User’s account, materials, URLs and no further payments will be made to that User from that day forward (including the day when the violation has been presented by Site and Company to User, and including all current un-claimed and un-paid commissions in the affiliate account)
  • User cannot use such branded keywords in PPC campaigns.

4) Closing Accounts

  • We reserve the right to cancel your account, close your affiliate panel and immediately deactivate all urls, links and marketing and advertising materials created on our site, with or without cause, at our sole discretion.


  • If you wish to close your account, you must email us at support@squirrly.co .Upon such notice your URL will be deactivated and your logos, banners, affiliate and commission lists will not be available for your use and cannot be recovered.

5) Copyrights and Your Content and Logos

  • Squirrly will make no claims to the intellectual property provided and created by you and your company. Of course, every single aspect created by your company must be made according to the Terms here in this agreement, the Terms of Usage of the Squirrly company and to the Brand Guidelines and brand books of each product.


  • All other images, text, content, statistics, analytics and information is copyright of Squirrly, All rights reserved.

6) Pricing and Plans

  • We reserve the right to modify, alter, create, or discontinue our plans collectively or individually.

7) Payment from Squirrly

7.1) Definition of end-user that your affiliate links bring to us.

For the purpose of this Affiliate Agreement, we will refer to a customer that you bring to the Squirrly Company (or to Site) as a NewAffiliatedCustomer.

For each NewAffiliatedCustomer you refer to us, you can earn money based on commission attributed according to the payment that the NewAffiliatedCustomer made and section 7.5 of this Agreement.

You may NOT bring yourself in through the affiliate program, in order to get a discount. Such a case would be in violation of this Agreement.

For the purpose of this Affiliate Agreement, we will refer to a person that you bring through an Entry Point as an end-user.

Once the end-user passes through an Exit Point, it will become a NewAffiliatedCustomer.

7.2) Tracking and Checkout

7.2.1) The system:

In order to effectively track the people who become our customers after clicking on one of your affiliate links, we use a 3rd party affiliate system called iDevAffiliate.

The system is capable of tracking user activity across multiple browsers and multiple web pages that one of your referrals might go to before buying from us and becoming a NewAffiliatedCustomer.

That’s something that offers you enormous flexibility in creating your own marketing systems.

You can define your own paths to purchase, your own customer programs, and your own funnels.

However, creating your own marketing funnels and programs is optional, as it’s just one of the options you have to potentially generate sales for our products and earn a commission.

You can also take advantage of our proven marketing and sales automation systems to maximize your earning potential.

We’ve already created many landing pages with automated sales sequences and we’ve made sure all of them provide a route to purchase. 

All you have to do is promote these pages using your preferred marketing channels and send relevant traffic our way using an affiliate link. Our funnels (automated sales systems) will do the rest to try to convert that traffic into leads and leads into customers.

(Click here to see an animation that shows you an example of this. In this example, the page you would promote is the one showcasing our best social media course).

Every single one of those who enter one of our funnels after clicking on your affiliate links has the potential to generate new sales out of which you’ll earn a commission (provided that the cookie life period – 90 Days – hasn’t expired).

7.2.2) Entry point:

The entry point is represented by your affiliate link.

When someone clicks on any of your affiliate links, the system will log that user as being referred by your affiliate account.

The system will start tracking that user to correctly attribute to your affiliate account any purchase of a product included in the affiliate program made by said user.
Therefore, the affiliate link is the entry point into the system for any NewAffiliatedCustomer. 
Idevaffiliate’s system has industry-leading capabilities for tracking through multiple sources to attribute a sale back to the right person.

7.2.3) 90 Days Tracking

The tracking is kept active for 90-Days since a user clicked on one of your affiliate links.
This means you get a 90-day time-frame to close the sale.
If during these 90 days the user successfully makes a purchase through one of the Exit Points (defined in sub-section 7.2.4), then you’ll receive a commission according to section 7.3.
Luckily, if you send traffic to our lead magnets and our landing pages, our system maximizes the potential of those 90 days to try and sell the products.
During the 90-Days in which the tracking is active, you can earn more commissions from a single customer you brought.
For example: 
If a NewAffiliatedCustomer who bought a Squirrly SEO monthly subscription in the first 30 days after clicking on your affiliate link also ends up buying a Squirrly Social PRO monthly subscription in the remaining days in which tracking is kept active, you get recurring commissions on both sales. 

Let’s assume John is someone who clicks on one of your affiliate links.

Within the first, say, 30 days since clicking on your link, he decides to buy Squirrly SEO PRO.
Then, in the following 30 Days (so between day 30 and day 60 of tracking) he also discovers Squirrly Social PRO and ends up buying it too.
In this case, you will earn a commission on both sales since they were both finalized before the 90 days tracking expires.
Furthermore, you will continue to get a commission each month for both products for as long as John continues the subscriptions and according to section 7.3 of this Agreement.

7.2.4) Exit Point

The Exit Point is defined as the Checkout page on FastSpring or Paddle. 

FastSpring and Paddle are the two resellers we use to sell all Squirrly products under this agreement.

The Exit Point is localized for many countries and many markets, making it easy for anyone to see checkout information in their own language and in their own local currency.

In order to be logged as a NewAffiliatedCustomer, a user who clicked on your affiliate links must:

  • reach the Exit Point,
  • complete the checkout process from the Exit Point,
  • and make a real payment to the Squirrly Company within 90 days since clicking on your affiliate links.

How can you bring someone who clicked on one of your affiliate links to the Exit Point?

Example 1:

You have the flexibility of taking users to a landing page where you offer them a Free Coaching session, an eBook, training materials, free downloads, etc.
You can then email them using a drip emailing sequence and by the end of it, you can take them to an Exit Point.

This is how you can make money out of our Affiliate Program without sending the End-User even once to a website owned by the Squirrly Company.

Example 2:
You can bring a user who clicked on one of your affiliate links to the products’ Pricing Pages. There, they will click on the pricing plan they desire and then reach the Exit Point in order to checkout.


You don’t have to create your own funnels to generate sales and earn commissions as a Squirrly Affiliate.

Remember that you can simply take advantage of our high-converting landing pages with automated sales sequences that all lead to an Exit Point. 

Therefore, you can simply promote these pages using your preferred marketing channels and send relevant traffic our way using an affiliate link to maximize your chances of earning commissions.

7.3) Products and Commissions

7.3.1) Regular Commissions – these are the important ones:

See all the products and pricing plans that you can promote + the associated commission rates HERE >>

Our life-time value for the WordPress version of Squirrly SEO has increased from $70 USD / customer to way over $300 USD / customer making the affiliate program much more desirable and successful for our affiliates.

We have customers who have already spent well over $1,000 USD on Squirrly subscriptions.

Market-proven products: 7,479 business owners and decision-makers in over 90 countries pay subscriptions for Squirrly products included in our Affiliate Program. 

You can stack the commissions you get from the same NewAffiliatedCustomer by generating sales for multiple products included in our Affiliate Program.

For example, you can sell to a single NewAffiliatedCustomer:

  • A Squirrly SEO Business Monthly Subscription;
  • A Squirrly SOCIAL Agency Monthly Subscription; 
  • 3x Squirrly SPY reports.

In this exemplified case, your commission for generating those sales would amount to *101.094 USD.

 However, since there are 2 monthly subscriptions mentioned above, each month after the first, you’ll also receive *56.094 USD recurring commission (as long as the NewAffiliatedCustomer keeps paying for his subscriptions).

*product prices on which these commissions are calculated are for example purposes only and might be different from the current prices. 

All of this with product-market-fit Software as a Service business products that have already been proven on the market. It’s like having developed your very own SaaS business MINUS all the huge risk of running such a thing.

This resource shows you all the types of subscription plans for each Squirrly product that you can promote.

For example: with Squirrly SEO you could decide to only try to sell the Business Plan, which brings in more money than the PRO plan does.

Squirrly Company has market-proven products to offer through its affiliate program.

(We sell these products in over 90 countries.)

Because of this and because we take care of the NewAffiliatedCustomers you bring our way,  they are likely to continue their subscriptions.

Since we offer recurring commissions, a percentage of every payment will go to you– for as long as the customers you brought keep paying for their subscriptions.

Take a look at some real numbers you can earn as a Squirrly Affiliate here. 

7.3.2) Extra Commissions

This sub-section 7.3.2 will cover exceptions. In the past we have denied all exceptions, but we’ve tested with a small number of affiliates and they make good money for themselves and for the Squirrly Company when they follow the terms properly. Therefore we’ve created this sub-section to allow you to sell special offers from the company to your audiences.

Notes about these extra commissions:

  • hard to satisfy conditions (read carefully to maintain a good standing with our program)
  • easy to sell the offers (customers love these offers). easy cash.
  • smaller commission 

All exceptions related to special Squirrly offers and plans that you can promote as a Squirrly Affiliate are detailed here, in the section: Exceptions >>. 

According to sub-section 7.5 we will deny or adjust commissions as we see fit, as per the terms outlined in this Agreement.

Make sure that you follow all the terms specified here when promoting special plans and offers that are defined as Exceptions. Otherwise, you will receive $0.00 USD commission for such sales. (and you risk being kicked out of the affiliate program)

7.3.3) NOT in the affiliate program at the moment:

The list with ALL the products which are currently NOT included in our Affiliate Program available here >>(in the section: NOT in the affiliate program at the moment)

7.4) Payment Threshold

You can only receive payment from us, once we owe you $20 USD or more in APPROVED commissions. Below that, we will not wire any money.

7.5) Deny Commissions and Aspects of Manual Approval and Manual Changes

We reserve the right to deny commissions in case there are terms from this Agreement which were not respected in the sales process.

You have the right to ask about commissions that were declined for your account.

We approve commissions manually!

We can make manual adjustments to commission in case different exceptions occur, such as in cases like: 7.3.2 of this Agreement.

Commissions will be approved after a 30 days time period since the day the eligible purchase was made by an end-user your brought in. Why? We need to make sure there are no charge-backs or refunds for the orders which generated the commissions.

We need to make sure that the payments are final, before we approve the commissions.

Therefore, commissions will most likely be in a Pending state for the first 30 days since they were generated. Once approved by someone at the Squirrly Company, then the commission will be valid and you’ll be able to expect payment for it, as per the terms outlined in this here Agreement.

7.6) How you will be paid

We will pay you based on the commission that we established and have assigned to you in the affiliate database. (according to 7.5 of this agreement)

You can at any time check all the commissions inside your Affiliate dashboard.

You will be paid by Squirrly in your Paypal account, which is the only acceptable method for you to get money from us.

There is no fixed date for when the payments go out. No representative of Site can establish a fixed date for payments.

When you want to be paid, and are eligible to get the payment from us, contact us at support@squirrly.co and we will establish a date.

7.7) Dealing with Refunds and Charge-backs.

Some NewAffiliatedCustomers may use their banks to get chargebacks for their orders or to force refunds from our resellers. For such NewAffiliatedCustomers you will not earn a commission.

The Squirrly Company does NOT usually offer refunds (except for the Squirrly Social Product).

You will only get a commission for people who have purchased and kept that purchase.

Contact Information

To ask questions or comment about this privacy policy and our privacy practices, contact us at support@squirrly.co.

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