The right premises in working with Squirrly, Wordpress SEO plugin

The right premises in working with Squirrly, WordPress SEO plugin

11 Nov 2013
| Last update: 11 Apr 2017

If you use Squirrly, the WordPress SEO plugin, each time you decide want to write an article there is this red square that pops at you. Enter a keyword. And then you add one and the Live SEO assistant comes to life. But the important part here is, how do you choose that keyword. The live assistant will help you optimize you article for a keyword but for that to have real results you have to know which is the right one. So today will discuss more about how you can better use the Squirrly Keyword Research.

Taking the first right step

To have a successful outcome, you have to start in the right direction. In the case of WordPress SEO this first step is choosing the right keyword. You can enter the Keyword Research to ways. By clicking on the do more research on the right upper side, when you open a new post. Or you can push the green down arrow above the editing window.

wordpress seo squirrly

The WordPress SEO plugin will ask for your keyword and then it will search the internet for your information. As you can see it’s more of a keyword phrase because the search won’t work for one word keywords. Now the feature will give you more results, one of them will be your exact keyword and their will be a few other suggestions.

How do you choose ? In the far right of each row there is a arrow. If go over it you will find out 4 basic information about each keyword. First of all it will give you an overall appreciation of how many people are discussing the topic. Meaning the on-line discussions in which your keyword is found in the exact same form.

wordpress seo squirrly

The second information you receive is the Exact Search. This gives a number that represents the numeric value of queries on Google in which your term was found in the exact same form in which you put in the keyword research tool. You need this for better WordPress SEO so you understand how many people might be interested in your keyword. If there is one that gets more exact search us that one. There can even be a high difference between “plugin” and “plugins”. It’s just a letter but in fact it’s about how people write it most often.

The third row contains the competition on that particular keyword. It refers to how many people actually write focusing they WordPress SEO energy to optimize for exact that. You want your competition to be as small as possible, so you can rank better on that specific keyword.

And last but not least the trend that keyword has. You want the trend to be going up or at least to be steady. If you focus on a keyword with down going trend even if the article will bring in new people to your site at first, most people will lose interest and it will not rank well in the long run.

Getting specific to your public

wordpress seo

Now as you can see there are 10 flags on the upper right side of this widget. They are there not to change the language in which you use this plugin but for better WordPress SEO. If you write an article based on a keyword you want to know how that specific keyword is doing for you specific public. So if you are from Germany for example, an your public is German citizens then you want to know how your keyword is doing on If you go across each flag you will find out which Google extension they are addressing.

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Going further with your WordPress SEO work

If you are not interested in the results you have received in your research you can easily click clear and do another search for other keywords. Or you can use one of the keyword and start typing your article. This the help this feature gives you in each post you publish because it’s right their in your window ready to help.

But for the best WordPress SEO outcome for your overall site you need more information. You can find out more after publishing and article with from the Squirrly Article Rank. You can also get information right now by adding another keyword to your research.

For example let’s say you write an WordPress SEO article optimized on cat food, but the your blog’s primary keyword is pet shop. If do a research on both terms you can determine if the article will help or not. Some terms will give no results because they are in no way associated.


The keyword research tool is useful in providing different sorts of information for choosing the right keyword for each article. But the decision is always your, in rather using one term or the other for better WordPress SEO. The feature suggests to you better term that can help your site more in that specific article.

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