You Can Focus on You

While we focus on everything else.

Remember all those times you had to take care of your account, your license, your websites and everything related to Squirrly SEO?

With prices starting from $699 USD / year, you can leave license and account management to us.

Requires a paid Squirrly SEO Subscription. The white glove services are an add-on.


Introducing: White Glove Services for your Squirrly SEO Subscription

Focus on your work. We’ll let you know if your account is in good standing, follow up and let you know when the next invoice is due and talk to your accountants if they need extra details.

Everything you need for payments. And for knowing when next payments are due.

Quarterly Follow Ups (optional). You can have us check your account every quarter and come up with suggestions

We never check Squirrly SEO accounts by default, because we use machine learning and other systems to learn about usage and account activity, to come up with new algorithms and ranking ideas.

If you want to move beyond that and have Squirrly check things in your account, then you need Whiteglove services.

Ready to have us manage your account?

Quit stressing over subscriptions. Order white glove services for your Squirrly SEO account today.

Fees are per product and per account. This $699 USD / year fee is only for ONE account and only for the Squirrly SEO product.