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Designed for WordPress.

Helps website owners keep track of their SEO performance.

Safe-guards them against all the SEO problems which occur on a website AFTER the initial SEO was completed.

This plugin has a long history and has been used on thousands of WordPress sites.

Main Aspects

Website Analysis Can Be Customized To Show You:

Items View vs Table View

Built for: Small Business Owners and Designers, who usually prefer the Items View. Also built for SEOs and Web Developers who prefer the Table View.

Building Blocks for the Analysis

You can customize the Analysis as you see fit, so that it only surfaces those details that you 100% know you wish to track and study.

Latest 20 Blog Posts

You’ll know a lot of important details about the latest 20 blog posts from your WordPress site.

Social Sharing Previews

See at a quick glance if the social sharing abilities of your WP site were negatively impacted. Offers you a quick glimpse into how your content looks when shared on Facebook.


Watch It In Action

Elements checked for each page individually. Most times there are different SEO errors on a page which are not present on other pages, and Webmaster don’t know about this without proper analysis.

Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

– Analyze the META title and description (Snippet) of your blog post. Ensures it’s exactly what you wanted.

– Tells you if the keyword is present in title.

– Figures out which keyword you’ve optimized the page for (just like Google does)

– Checks for Gzip and page loading speeds

– Checks to see if Open Graph is setup 100%

– Checks to see if Twitter Card is setup 100%

– Duplicate Open Graph Check (you could have 2x definitions: one from a plugin; one from the wp theme you’re using)

More WordPress Website Analysis Features Included

What Else Do You Get?

Duplicate Twitter Cards Check

Duplicate Title Tag Check

Duplicate Description Tag Check

Social Media Sharing Buttons Check

Google Page Speed

Keyword in URL

SEO Friendly - Was the Article Optimized for SEO?

SEO Optimization Score

"The technology on which we've built the WordPress Website Analysis Plugin has been used by Giants, such as: Microsoft, BBC, TopGear, CyberGhost, and many others.

Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly Limited

“Easily Analyze Benchmarks”

I have been using SQUIRRLY™ plugins on my sites for years and have never been disappointed. This plugin is another way to make sure I am doing everything I can to give the best experience to my readers. If they aren’t sharing then I’m not giving them great content. Thanks SQUIRRLY™

“I like what you did with the website analysis features”

I’m looking to include these Audits in the next SEO tools round-up I’ll publish at Backlinko.

It’s very light-weight

You just install it and it starts the website analysis

This WordPress plugin does all the work for you in the background and uses our servers at the Squirrly Company to run all the checks.

However, you won’t need to give us an email, nor start an account to use it. Just install and you’re in!

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It’s a free plugin and it can tell you a lot of things that you don’t know about your website.