Hide My WP Ghost Shines with 10 New Wins in G2’s Spring 2023 Reports

Spring is finally here, and with it came some exciting news. 

The G2 Spring 2023 Reports have been released and we’re proud to announce that Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly has earned not just one, but TEN new awards!

G2 is the go-to destination for businesses of all sizes looking to find the best software solutions on the market.

Being recognized as a leader by G2 and earning badges like Most Implementable, Best Usability, Easiest to do Business With, and Best Relationship is a huge deal.

Leading the Way in Website Security: Hide My WP Ghost Earns 10 New Awards

As a leading business software review platform, G2 uses verified customer reviews to rank the top business solutions.

Their awards celebrate innovation and excellence in the industry, recognizing the best-of-the-best.

So, it’s no surprise that these awards are coveted by everyone in the software industry.

Well, thanks to all of YOU who shared your amazing reviews on G2, Hide My WP Ghost was awarded 10 new badges that we’ll be adding to our growing trophy cabinet:

Here they are:

  1. Leader in the Small-Business Website Security category
  2. Most Implementable in the Small-Business Website Security category
  3. Best Relationship in the Small-Business Website Security category
  4. Easiest To Do Business With in the Small-Business Website Security category
  5. Best Usability in the Small-Business Website Security category
  6. Leader in the Website Security category
  7. Best Usability in the Website Security category
  8. Most Implementable in the Website Security category
  9. Best Relationship in the Website Security category
  10. Easiest To Do Business With in the Website Security category

Without your ongoing support and honest feedback, we would not be where we are today.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and we owe it all to our amazing customers.

We’re so grateful for your ongoing support on this journey, for taking the time to share an honest review on G2 or on other platforms, and for continuously providing us with feedback.

🔥 See what customers are saying on G2 and join the conversation!

Your reviews have been invaluable in helping us improve and evolve our product, and we’re thrilled to have such a supportive community of users.

And speaking of improvements:

We’ve got a ton of exciting things planned for 2023:

We’re talking new features and enhancements that will make Hide My WP Ghost even more robust and user-friendly.

We’ve already released several important UPDATES this year.

Here are just some of the most recent ones:

  • UI & UX to guide the user into the recommended settings
  • Compatibility with more plugins and themes
  • Brute Force Protection on MemberPress
  • Brute Force Protection for Woocommerce
  • Brute Force Protection for Lost Password form
  • Compatibility with Memberpress plugin
  • Add the option to check the frontend and prevent broken layouts on settings save
  • Remove the atom+xml meta from header
  • Check the rewrite rules on WordPress Automatic updates
  • Update the security check when wp-content is customized
  • Remove the noredirect param if the redirect is fixed
  • Save all section on backup restore
  • Add the option to disable HMWP Ghost custom paths for the whitelisted IPs
  • Update the File handle for login, signup, logout
  • Compatibility with PHP 8 on Security Check
  • Compatibility with WP 6.2
  • Added the option to whitelist URLs
  •  Added the sub-option to show a white-screen on Inspect Element for desktop
  • Added the options to hook the whitelisted/blacklisted IPs
  • Fixed – small bugs / typos / UI

And we’re just getting started.

You can take a look at what’s currently on our Roadmap, vote for your favorite features, or add your new ideas here >>

Let’s keep making the web a safer place!

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