4 User-Made YouTube Videos for HMWP Ghost – See Reactions, Main Features Tested & More

Hide My WP Ghost, the highly-customizable WordPress plugin that makes it easy to upgrade your site’s security in minutes, is currently available on AppSumo with a Lifetime deal.

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The response has been amazing so far, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to hear from more people using Hide My WP Ghost on their sites.

Thank you to every single person who’s dedicated time to sharing feedback on our deal page, in the Reviews section, as well as in the Questions section.

We’d also like to give a big shutout to everyone who’s tested our plugin and created comprehensive review videos and tutorials based on their experience.

We see you and we thank you for adding value to the conversation around Hide My WP Ghost.

In this article, we’ve included four such user-made videos that you can watch to learn more about:

  • the plugin’s main features;
  • how to install and configure Hide My WP Ghost;
  • benefits of using Hide My WP Ghost;
  • how does the plugin complement other security plugins and tools;
  • &much more.

Watching these videos is a great opportunity to hear from other Hide My WP Ghost users, so be sure to check them out!

1. Setting up Hide My WP Ghost

▶️ Watch it to:

  • get more details about how Hide My WP Ghost works to protect your WordPress website against hacker bots and spammers;

  • see an example of how you can easily install and configure Hide My WP Ghost for your site in just a few minutes;

  • take a look inside the SaaS side of Hide My WP Ghost and see what are some of the actions you can take inside the Cloud App.

Other topics addressed in this video: 

  • Apache, NGINX, IIS compatibility; LiteSpeed compatibility; Safe Mode; security headers; text mapping recommendations; brute force protection; compatibility settings;

2. Hide My WP Ghost – Main Benefits and Features Walk-through

▶️ Watch it to:

  • get clear explanations about what security through obscurity entails, and the benefits it provides;

  • learn more about what Hide My WP Ghost does and how it complements other security tools by offering an extra layer of protection that others don’t offer;

  • find out why Hide My WP Ghost is a great addition to your security stack – and why you should consider it even if you’re already using other security plugins;

  • see key security features that Hide My WP Ghost provides in action.

Other topics addressed in this video: 

  • Safe Mode configurations, Ghost Mode configurations, features walk-through, main customization options, back up and restore use cases, advanced settings.

3. First Impressions & and How HMWP Ghost Helps Make Your Site More Secure

▶️ Watch it to:

  • view some of the top features that Hide My WP Ghost offers for enhanced WordPress site security being tested in real-time;

  • get a first look inside the plugin and explore some of the main sections you’ll see right after you install Hide My WP Ghost on your site;

  • get a feel of what it may be like if you started using Hide My WP Ghost on your site today.

Other topics addressed in this video: 

  • AppSumo deal, whitelabel, best practices for using Hide My WP Ghost on your site, activation process, back up and restore use cases, Overview section, Ghost Mode, Safe Mode, compatibility settings, email notification settings.

4. Hide My WP Ghost – Walk-through and Review

▶️ Watch it to:

  • take a deep-dive into how to use Hide My WP Ghost features to secure your WordPress site;

  • see how easy it is to install, activate, and start using the plugin with just a few clicks;

  • take a look at how activating and customizing different features inside HMWP Ghost translates into actual source code changes;

  • learn more about some of the security warnings that Hide My WP Ghost displays inside the Security Check panel.

Other topics addressed in this video: 

  • Hide My WP Ghost feature list; process of installing HMWP Ghost on your site; advanced settings, events logs, Cloud App, changing classes and IDs in the source code.

Still Have Questions?

We have a webinar dedicated to showcasing Hide My WP Ghost coming up (DATE and TIME soon to be announced on our deal page here) and we’d like to hear from you.

What are some of the things about Hide My WP Ghost you’d like us to cover with our webinar?

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