Hide My WP Ghost – October Updates Pack

From smaller fixes and enhancements to major feature releases, we are always working to improve the products available inside our Store for Entrepreneurs.

And Hide My WP Ghost makes no exception.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of the latest updates and fixes which were largely implemented based on precious feedback we’ve recently received from our users.

(thank you to everyone who contributed with ideas, comments, and constructive criticism).

The October Updates Package for Hide My WP Ghost includes:

  • Increased compatibility with more plugins and builders
  • New options to customize your security setup
  • Whitelabel improvements
  • Important fixes
  • and more

Check out the complete list of updates and fixes below!

Take a look inside our October Updates Pack for Hide My WP Ghost

= Version: 6.0.08 (22 Oct 2021)=

  • Update – Compatibility with Nitropack
  • Update – Compatibility with OptimizePress Dashboard
  • Update – Change the Plugin Name on update check success message
  • Update – Compatibility with Bricks Builder
  • Update – Compatibility with Zion Builder
  • Fix – Compact the frontend scripts for removing right click and keys
  • Fix – Add links to the Change Paths page from Security Check

= Version: 6.0.07 (18 Oct 2021)=

  • Update – Select the WordPress common files you want to hide
  • Update – Add the option to block comments that may lead to spam
  • Update – Removed Plugins Section from Settings
  • Update – Removed any affiliate links from the plugin
  • Update – Compatibility with MainWP
  • Update – Compatibility with Limit Login Attempts Reloaded
  • Update – Compatibility with Loginizer
  • Update – Compatibility with Shield Security
  • Update – Compatibility with iThemes Security
  • Fix – Login & Logout redirects for WooCommerce
  • Fix – Don’t show the rewrite alert messages if nothing was changed in HMWP

= Version: 6.0.06 (14 Oct 2021)=

  • Update – Update the White Label options to remove plugin name, and author while the plugin is active
  • Fix – Added handle when the plugin is not installed correctly
  • Fix – Avoid changing the cache in the paths like plugins and themes and broke the website

= Version: 6.0.05 (6 Oct 2021)= 

  • Update – Add the option to hide the wp-admin path for non-admin users
  • Update – Advanced Text Mapping to work with Page Builders in admin
  • Update – Changing the paths in sitemap.xml and robots.txt to work with all SEO plugins
  • Update – Translate the plugin in more languages
  • Update – Select the cache directory if there is a custom cache directory set in the cache plugin
  • Update – Show the change in cache files option for more cache plugins
  • Fixed – Showing the old paths on unfound files
  • Fixed – Not load the Click Disable while editing with Page Builders

= Version: 6.0.04 (1 Oct 2021)=

  • Update – Use WordPress filesystem for all file actions
  • Fixed – Rewrite built on custom register and lostpassword path
  • Fixed – wp_ previx detection in Website Security Check
  • Fixed – plugin typos & translations

How to Get Access to these Updates?

Make sure you update to the latest version of the plugin! This will give you access to all the updates mentioned in this article. (note! requires having an active paid subscription).

For more details, please take a look at our available pricing plans HERE >>

Also NEW! Complete Features List Available Now

Hide My WP Ghost is a very complex plugin, offering many security features to help you better protect your WordPress site against hacker bots and spammers.

Plus, it provides multiple options to customize security features based on your needs and preferences.

You can now explore all of the ways in which Hide My WP Ghost adds extra protection to your site by checking out our Complete Features List here.

More Updates Coming Soon

We’re planning to release a big updates package in November that will further improve the experience of using Hide My WP Ghost for your site(s).

Plus, we’re also working on new features that were heavily requested by our users, such as:

  • option to disable Right-Click for logged users and user roles
  • option to disable Inspect Element for logged users and user roles
  • option to disable View Source for logged users and user roles
  • option to disable Copy/Paste for logged users and user roles
  • option to disable Drag/Drop for logged users and user roles
  • &more

So, get excited for that.

All November updates will be announced here on our blog. Until then, you can check out the items currently on our Roadmap and vote on your favorite features!

Together, we can make Hide My WP Ghost the best it can be.





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