The First 70% Commissions Have Been Awarded

04 Aug 2019
| Last update: 09 Aug 2019

We now officially have the first affiliates of the Squirrly Company who have a 70% Commission level. Yes, they’re getting 70% of the sales they make.

There’s still time for you to get that as well.

Just write about Focus Pages in one of the articles you’ll use in order to promote Squirrly SEO to your audience. (of course, with the rules from the previous email: 60% optimized as secondary keyword; minimum).

I wanted to tell you that you can even make direct sales if you want. I figured that in some cases you thought about making the sales directly to people you know could really benefit from using PRO.

You can join the 70% Commission level even if you publish an article on Medium, for example. Talk me if it doesn’t make sense to write directly on your main website or main online store or main blog. There are many possibilities, and we’re trying to be flexible about it, so more of you can join.

This is Summer ProMo and it’s a great celebration of our PRO Plan at Squirrly SEO, which has now been purchased over 5,000 times by businesses in over 90 Countries!

It’s a great time to be an affiliate of Squirrly.

Look at the new website we’ve created for Squirrly SEO PRO.

It will help you sell more Squirrly PRO, as it’s more conversion focused. It’s made based on tons of research that we’ve done this year.

Since I know that most of you plan to sell the SEO product first, it made sense to be able to give you a site that takes your lead directly to the plugin site, and NOT to our company website.

That’s also why I created today 7 images to show you how to create an Affiliate Link from your Affiliate Dashboard which sends your audience directly to the PLUGIN’s website.


Log in here.

Once you click the yellow button you will land here. Complete your username and password. Login.

Go to Custom Tracking Links.

Remember: if you need banners, logos, documents, brand guides, etc. Everything is here. Click through the folders. Find all the items you need.

The menu opens up. Click on Alternate Incoming Page Links.

Input the plugin squirrly co domain (I linked to this above in the email). Place it there in the first field then click the blue button with “Create My Link”


Now find it on the same page, a little bit below. Scroll down a bit and you will find it. You can create as many custom links as you like. That’s how you decide where the person who clicks on your link should go. Once anyone clicks the link, the tracking becomes active and stays that way for 90 days.

Copy and paste the new custom link. Once a user of your site clicks that link, they will be sent to our brand new plugin homepage.

Keep Ranking. Be Awesome. See the new site.