Summer Pro Mo and Tutorial For Using the Affiliate Platform

01 Aug 2019
| Last update: 20 Apr 2020


One week to reach the first page of Google search results.

Something you can show to the people who click on your affiliate links. Don’t know how to create your very own affiliate link which could send to that page? – No problem. This tutorial will explain all you need.

It was high time that I made a “how to use the Affiliate Program” video and tutorial.

Here it is: everything you need to get started:

– how to get the banners

– how to use multiple types of links with multiple destinations for the people you bring

– how you can think about your funnels

– how to get graphics, screenshots, creatives

– information about customer LTV and how much you can earn

– how to send people who click on your website / blog / emails / slideshares, etc to awesome pages and still get Commission when they buy

– custom tracking links

– how tracking works. how to setup tracking

– how to look at traffic stats!

You can use the program right now to get 70% Commission on all the sales that you make. It’s insanely great.

[ Update 2020 on 20th April ]: As an affiliate, you can use new resources or even get inspired from our new links:

Edtech solutions

New Squirly


Social Lift

Keyword Ninja

the Samurai

Content Studio Alternative

Watch the video from the beginning of this blog post and see how you can customize your affiliate links, so that they will go to these pages.