Best Practices before Optimizing Your Articles

Have you started optimizing content (pages, blog posts, products, etc.) using Squirrly SEO’s Live Assistant?

You should see first if the Keyword you placed inside the SEO Live Assistant, to get those green lights, is actually a good one.

0 x 1 = 0;

If the keyword is no good (can’t be ranked for your current site), then even if you achieve perfect optimization, it still wouldn’t matter, because the end result would be that nobody finds that page in search results.

There’s more:

Sometimes, the keyword problem is:

your site simply can’t rank for it, due to many factors calculated inside the Focus Pages section inside Squirrly SEO (go in WordPress – Squirrly – Focus Pages and add a page there to see the full analysis).

However, it can also be that your keyword is something that nobody searches for…

In this case: 0 x 1 = 0 again.

You’d get a page to the first results in Google, but nobody would actually see it, because no one searches for that term.

Now, here is something else to think about when it comes to your site… If you don’t have enough Web Authority (if you are a Squirrly SEO user, you can find yours in the SEO Audit section), then you need to know this before optimizing your articles.


In our 105 Super-Popular Sites Study, we highlighted the fact that even the popular sites that get readers, but have a weak Web Authority – they also need to Optimize Content… (even the world’s most popular sites need to optimize with the SEO Live Assistant in order to get results) and actually: the lower your authority is, the higher the percentage you get with SEO Live Assistant needs to be.

Keep this in mind before starting with the new content you’re optimizing.

The study is here, if you want to learn more from it >> 

You will also see that before you begin optimizing your page with the Live Assistant, you must see which keywords you’ll use.

Yes, keywords … many of them.

In the same study, with 105 Super-Popular Sites, you can see they are so successful with SEO because they optimize  e a c h  piece of content for:

– at least 4 keywords

– and each of those keywords are made of 3 words (yes, we can call them key phrases or search terms, because each keyword has more than one word in it;)

We say keywords, but they’re actually what users type in when they do a Google Search. That’s what you actually need to get to. The closer you are to how an actual user searches, the more chances you’ll have of getting your content clicked on by that user.

So… think about using more keywords inside the Live Assistant. Focus on finding a couple of keywords made of at least 3 words and add them to your SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly, before you start optimizing.

Do this and you’ll have a much better chance to rank at the top of Google!

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