More Changes on Education Cloud PLUS: New Features to Help You Boost Your Skills

25 May 2022
| Last update: 06 Jun 2022

This year, Education Cloud PLUS has turned into a full-fledged EdTech (or EduTech) Software as a Service, where our focus is on building amazing new features for you to help you boost your skills.

We’ve already released 9 major updates for Education Cloud PLUS: 

  1. Discovery section
  2. Meet the Authors section
  3. We’ve rebuilt the quizzes section and we added a recommendations engine to it.
  4. Many course subjects
  5. We’ve added a quick way to add courses to your list
  6. My Learning Plan – lets you select any lesson and sub-lesson and add it to a Custom Learning Plan that YOU build.
  7. All Courses section
  8. Audio, Video, Text formats now available
  9. Learn: read, listen, watch, from ANY Device. Switch devices whenever you want. Pick up where you left off.

You can read all about these NINE MAJOR UPDATES in this blog post here, in case you haven’t already.

On top of all that, we will also have a very important feature release this week as well:

It’s called Learning Journeys, and it’s meant to offer a completely new learning experience inside Education Cloud PLUS.

More details are coming very soon!

But until then..

Here’s a list with Changes and Updates from the 30th of March 2022 until today:

See all the DONE tasks from our Education Cloud roadmap here >>

We’ve made many quality of life updates and we increased the levels of usability on all types of devices.

Will soon be available with a Premium Pass:

  • A brand-new VIDEO course that gives you behind-the-scenes access and shows the exact methods and files we use at Squirrly to effectively organize our video content & craft a winning video marketing strategy
  • the Learning Journeys Feature

Cards and Decks Learning Experience will also make its way into Premium Pass soon.

You can always tell us your ideas or vote for the items on our Roadmap.

Invest in your Success with Education Cloud PLUS!

The Premium Pass will help you get Customers from the Internet!

See the list of available courses below and remember:

🔥 With a Premium Pass. you get access to ALL future courses and ALL future features, without having to pay extras and without any price increases.