Customer Experience Improvements and a Brand New Customer Portal

08 Jun 2022
| Last update: 30 Jun 2022

Our entire world of world-class products is getting customer experience improvements and much better fulfillment experiences across all purchases.

That includes a new experience for receiving Digital Pack items. The Squirrly Digital Pack includes 5 best-Selling Squirrly products under one license. You can learn more about it here.

Plus, we’ve also created Customer Digital Pack Global, a new customer portal meant to significantly improve your experience as a Squirrly customer.

Keep reading to learn more about it!

Customer Digital Pack Global – New Customer Portal Available Now – is a customer portal meant to provide a new and improved experience for those who buy over 17 SaaS and products from us.

With it, the entire experience of owning software from the Squirrly Company becomes much easier.

We’ve tested the brand-new Customer Portal with many clients by now and they are really happy with how easy we made it for them to access all login links, How to’s, and videos for each individual product.

Here’s a quick look inside:

– Dashboard section –

In the Dashboard section, customers are able to see an overview of their account and quickly find all subscriptions they have from the multiple products we sell.

From this panel, customers can easily access their subscriptions and see their current status (meaning: they can see which of their subscriptions have been cancelled and which are currently active).

Plus, customers can choose to hide inactive subscriptions by using the Hide Inactive toggle.

– Dedicated Panels for Each Individual Product –

Customers are able to see more details about every plan for every product they have from us, and get quick access to things like: login links, Help Center links, How to’s, videos and quick tips to help them make the most out of their subscriptions.

🎁 The new customer portal also features a Perks section where customers can be among the first to learn about any promotional deals or special Squirrly Events we have going on.

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