Push Your Marketing to the Next Level with Two New Classes Available Now!

10 Jun 2022

Two New Classes Available Now inside Education Cloud PLUS!

Dive into the latest classes published on Education Cloud PLUS and explore new topics, tools, and strategies to STEP UP your online marketing.

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The 2x New Courses require a Premium Pass. Currently, we have 41 total courses available to Premium Pass members.

đŸ”„ There are about 4x courses available now for Free Access. They will get changed with 3 different courses at the end of the month.

Exception: if you have activated any Premium Course with a lifetime code, then your course won’t leave your account.

Now, back to the two new courses that we’ve recently added to Education Cloud PLUS.

1. How We Plan and Organize Our YouTube Video Content: The Complete Process

Years ago, we developed a system for creating and organizing our video content that we still use internally at Squirrly.

With this VIDEO course, we’re giving you behind-the-scenes access and sharing the exact methods and files that have helped us craft a winning video marketing strategy.

đŸ”„ Includes ready-to-use TEMPLATES that’ll help you save time & better plan your video content:

  • YouTube Editorial template
  • Description template for company presentation videos
  • Description template for product/ service presentation videos
  • Description template for explainer videos  

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2. The Basics of Developing a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

đŸ”„Â Course preview – main topics covered: 

  • What is a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy and why you should use it?
  • Key benefits of employing this strategy
  • Possible downsides to consider
  • Building up the SEO foundation for a new domain
  • Multi-domain SEO best practices

If you want to dominate the search engine results pages, you’ll want to check out this course!

While it’s not for everyone, employing a multiple domain SEO strategy can help you gain more SERP real estate and have your brand as a whole perform better for important keywords.

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đŸ„łHappy Learning!