Free Classes You Can Take Right Now Inside Education Cloud 2020

20 Aug 2020
| Last update: 28 Aug 2020

Three new courses and over 25 full classes are now available in Education Cloud – for free!

Login to Education Cloud or get a free account to get access.

Here are the courses you’ll be able to learn from if you have an Education Cloud account.

1. The Rank Show (6 lessons)

During this Rank Show series, you’ll see how a marketing team found out the hard way just how bad it is to work on SEO changes that don’t really manage to impact your rankings.

You’ll get to learn from their mistakes (and their success) and see what are the exact steps they took in order to overcome common SEO challenges and rank on the 1st Page of Google!

2. The Expectation Marketing MasterClass (6 lessons)

Do you know what are the things that your site visitors expect to find on your website in order to perceive it as being trustworthy and authoritative?

Using the principles of Expectation Marketing, you can check your site to see if you are successful at making web visitors trust your business.

The Expectation Marketing course will provide you with the basics of identifying and applying this innovative strategy to your own business.

3. 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking (15 lessons)  

Is it really possible to improve your Google rankings in just 14 days?

Yes, if you read the daily recipes included in this course, and apply everything that you learn. Think of it as an SEO boot camp where you’ll get to learn and test proven strategies and tactics which will help improve your Google Rankings.


This is a lot of knowledge that we’re offering for free.

Hurry, though, these courses are only available for free for a limited time only. Every month, there are about three courses open, and you can only take those courses within their dedicated timeframe.

OR: you can sign up for Premium Pass (starting $4.99 USD / month) and get access to all of the following:

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