[Infographic] Headline Formulas – Write Perfect, Clickable Headlines Every Time

The headline is one of the first things people see when your page appears in SERPs.

So, you should take the time to write clickable headlines so that more people end up on your page from Google Search.

Or you can use these tried and tested formulas to come up with awesome headlines in a gif.

Build a headline that you can be proud of and that others will click.

Here’s the Text Version of the Infographic

?[How to] + [Goal]

Example: How to Create an Effective Pillar Page to Boost Rankings

?[Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve Goal].

Example:  31 Ways to Get More More Traffic to Your Blog

?The Complete/Ultimate Guide to [Achieve Goal].

Example: The Ultimate Guide to Help You Begin Your SEO Adventure

?Warning! Are You [Undesirable Outcome] by Making this Mistake?

Example: Warning? Are You Driving Site Visitors Away by Making this Mistake?

?Here is What You Should Do to [Desirable Outcome]

Example: Here’s What You Should do to Get More Traffic from Social Media

?Apply These [Number] Secret Techniques To [Desirable Outcome]

Example: Apply these 5 Secret Techniques to Get More Traffic from Social Media

?[Number] + [Adjective] Reasons Why You’re [Undesirable Outcome]

Example: 7 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Failing at Job Interviews

?[Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]

Example: 18 Proven Techniques to Get More Traffic from Social Media in Less Time

?[Number] Critical Mistakes [Audience/Buyer Persona] Make When [Common Action]

Example: 7 Critical Mistakes Solo Travelers Make  When Choosing their Travel Destination

?Little Known Ways to [Achieve Desired Result]

Example: Little Known Ways to Get More Leads for Your Business

?[Number] + Benefits You Get by [Keyword]

Example: 5 Benefits You Get by Using Squirrly’s Keyword Rank Tracking Tool 

?[Number] + Adjective + Keyword + [Desired Result/Goal].

Example: 7 Surprising Social Media Marketing Tricks to Get More Traffic

?My Top Secret for [Desired Result/Goal].

Example: My Secret for Supercharging Rankings Overnight

?Get Rid of [Challenge/Problem] in [Number] Easy Steps.

Example: Get Rid of Unproductive Work from Home Habits in 4 Easy Steps

?What Every [Audience/Buyer Persona] Should Know about [Keyword].

Example: What Every Event Planner Should Know about Booking a Celebrity Keynote Speaker

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