Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Entrepreneurs and Change-makers

I will show you something really cool during the Big 10 Years Event we’ll prepare for you… it’s a sketch from the first Customer Experience notebook we’ve worked on with Andreea, Calin, and Cristina who have been with us since DAY 1.

You’ll see that our mission has always been to help you reach success online and help you reach success much sooner than it takes for the gap of desolation to widen up and get you stuck without any future prospects.

It’s always been about finding a balance for you, by taking into account intrinsic and extrinsic motivators + how much time it takes before you become demoralized.

In August 2022 and September 2022 we gave many prizes and gifts to over a thousand entrepreneurs from the community. (worth well over $70,000 USD)

Why? – because it’s part of our company’s DNA and mission to provide motivation, education, guidance, mentoring and more.

Read about it here. Read the post and also the first comment, to get all the details.

Success. Always Success. It’s very important. We’re super focused on your success. Which is why so many people report success with our products.

There’s a page for that here.

You could have received a lot of help from us during these past months if you would’ve interacted with our FB group, our main website and our emails in your inbox:

  • premium software products
  • premium courses
  • tons of amazing resources
  • games that gave prizes, to keep you from staring into the gap of desolation

Our worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called “Bridging the Gap of Desolation”, which centers on an exceptional customer experience.

With our SaaS, AI Digital Assistants, Technologies, Mentoring, Guidance, Coaching and Motivation, each Squirrly client manages to beat the Gap of Desolation and reach the point where they constantly get new Customers from the Internet.

🥇See more about our Innovations for you.

🔥 See more about your Digital Assistants.

Who is the Natural Enemy of the Entrepreneur?

– That’s a trick question.

It’s not a WHO. It’s a WHAT.

The natural enemy of all of us entrepreneurs and owners of side-hustles is not a person.

It’s the feeling we get when all of our massive efforts lead us nowhere.

When we stare at our computer screens for hours on end, with our hands trembling, waiting for those orders to come in and that phone to ring.

The media tricks all entrepreneurs into thinking that if your website is ready, you’ll instantly have clients reaching out, which is completely fake.

(those sorts of things only happen to people who prepare as I show inside my Product Validation Masterclass on Education Cloud PLUS; hint: it’s not instant success – takes months of preparation and learning by doing)

In the real world, entrepreneurs manage to get a site online (after lots of hard work, either on their own or after tons of back and forth with agencies) … and then NOTHING happens. Nothing at all.

You need traffic. For traffic you need SEO (takes time!)

You need social media (takes time to build a SM audience)

You need to know about CRO (because without CRO nothing will happen). You need to know about Expectation Marketing, because without it nobody will purchase from you even if they see your website.

And usually, your webdesigners won’t know the first thing about it.

And because it’s so hard and there are so many things (don’t even get me started on WordPress security) … you will inevitably reach the Gap of Desolation.

To show you more about this we’ve created the Story of Macy, the Entrepreneur.

But trust me: Macy’s story is YOUR story!

Go check it out now. No excuses.

^^ Scroll and read!

You’ll see what I mean. That’s the biggest problem and the biggest threat that entrepreneurs face.

And it’s why the Customer Experience we’re working towards and we’re obsessing over at the Squirrly Company is so important.

With the whole package you see inside our main website, we work to get you up and running and way over the gap of desolation in the shortest amount of time.

We’ve been doing this for 10 Years and we simply love it when our clients get to the other side.

I love it when the gap of desolation becomes just a long lost memory for our clients, because they keep getting customers from the Internet.

Best wishes to all of you and can’t wait to have you all with us during the 10 Years Celebration!

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