After Taking the 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings, Florian Tripled His Number of Customers

JourneyTeam is a Squirrly-powered Facebook Group where people who joined our 14-Days Journey to Better Rankings are encouraged to provide feedback about Squirrly SEO, ask questions about SEO, and share their biggest struggles and achievements.

A while back, we received this comment on the JourneyTeam Facebook Group, and we decided to share it here on the blog as well.

In his Facebook post, Florian, a Squirrly user based in Europe, shared his story of why he became interested in SEO, the hurdles and challenges he encountered trying to get customers from Google Search, and what changed when he came across Squirrly SEO.

If you’re curious to know more about his journey from struggling to get on Google to consistently getting real customers from Google, make sure to keep reading.


Let’s start at the beginning

Florian began his work with Websites back in 2007. That’s when he started his own company and tried getting clients through My Hammer (an online marketplace and directory which facilitates homeowners finding tradesmen and vice versa).

Customers can search the directory or post their job in the marketplace and wait for tradesmen to quote online.

In addition to My Hammer, Florian also resorted to other websites that had job offers. However, the money he was making left him feeling disappointed.

So Florian made the decision to put the whole thing on hold, as he felt like the effort he was putting into it wasn’t worth it, given the monetary rewards.

Contracts became a must, not something he found enjoyment in doing. Three years after he left his previous work engagement, customers only found him through Google.

It took Florian five years to get on Google, and three more years to start getting business from Google.

Fast-Forward to 2016

After a work accident in 2016, Florian decided to follow his passion. Network Marketing and the topic of making money online was something Florian was passionate about.

And soon after making the decision to start something in this line of work, he started to see the first results. But still, he was struggling to make a steady income and get regular customers.

In 2019, Florian Discovered Squirrly. And Ended Up 3X His Number of Monthly Customers

After many attempts at getting clients and many plugins tried, Florian came across the Squirrly SEO plugin. He decided to give it a try, thinking that one more new plugin wouldn’t really make a difference, given how many other plugins he used in the past, trying to get his business off the ground.

However, for Florian, installing Squirrly on his site ended up being a total game-changer.

One of the first things that impressed Florian was that Squirrly made it possible to import his Yoast SEO settings. Soon after, Florian decided to begin his 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

He started following the advice presented in the training he received as part of the journey. And after 8 days, he started seeing his first improvements.

He continued following the steps included in the 14-Days Journey.

Plus, “this plugin has saved me a lot of time,” he says. He no longer has to invest endless hours in optimizing for Google. In fact, some articles he creates go straight to the first page of Google.

But the biggest advantage is that Squirrly SEO has helped him make money online.

Florian has achieved all this using the free version of Squirrly – but he’s now convinced of the benefits of using the PRO version.

He has big plans to create more content and he now feels empowered to set bigger goals. What’s more, he’s confident that as long as he has Squirrly by his side, he has a chance of overcoming competitors who invest a lot more money in SEO.

His conclusion?

” I know Google has my customers and I can do them very well with Squirrly SEO.”

– Florian Lauri.

And that’s Why We Do it!

The main reason Squirrly SEO exists is to help people like Florian live out their passion and feel empowered to follow their dreams. So that they can get their business off the ground and make real money online.

Thank you, Florian, for your trust and for sharing your story with us.?

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