How to Secure Multiple Sites in a Snap using Hide My WP Ghost

Do you manage several WordPress sites and spend too much time securing them one by one?

If so, there’s a game-changing Hide My WP Ghost feature you need to know about that’ll save you hours of work.

The Backup/Restore feature allows you to replicate your favorite security settings across multiple sites you own or build.

No more repetitive work!

If you already got Hide My WP Ghost for your site, you can access this feature at:  Hide My WP > Backup / Restore

Here’s how it works:

This gem allows you to save a security setup you’ve enabled using Hide My WP Ghost.

So, if you find a great setup that you love, you can make a backup of it and always know that you’ll be able to restore it in the future with just a few clicks.

But that’s not where the benefits end…

Let me tell you about another way our clients, especially web developers, put the Backup/Restore feature to good use.

  • First, they use Hide My WP Ghost on a website and configure it to strengthen that site’s security.
  • Then, they download a backup of those settings.
  • Finally, they restore that backup file to all the other plugin installs they make for their clients.


Just like that, they can get their favorite settings on as many websites as they need, without having to manually configure each one.

That’s a HUGE time-saver. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to streamline the process of setting up WordPress sites, then the Backup/Restore feature is definitely worth checking out.

It could be just the solution you need to save time and effort.

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