Images and Videos in the Press Kit for Squirrly 2020

This Media Kit is prepared especially for the release of Squirrly 2020: The Non-Human SEO Consultant.

It’s to be used together with news from the:

Squirrly 2020 Answers Call from Small Businesses for Affordable SEO Marketing Support with First-Ever Non-Human SEO Consultant (press release)

Media Contact Person: Florin Muresan, the CEO of the Squirrly Company. (photos included if needed)

If you need more images with other products, or company logos, etc., here’s the general media kit for the company.

For more information contact: Florin Muresan/ 7770306369

We have images, videos and a few details about the company available in this press kit:

1) Images

2) Videos:


3) About the Product and about the Company (second infographic, with usage stats about the other products):

4) Florin Muresan Pictures

florin muresan showing squirrly logins to products

Innovator & CEO
Seasoned Entrepreneur, Content Marketing Trainer. Loves Archery, Writing, Coffee and Wine. VIP in the Delivering Happiness Movement. Helps startup communities.

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