Latest Report: 6455 SaaS Subscriptions Sold By The Squirrly Company

Latest Report from the Squirrly Company, registered in the United Kingdom, London, under company number: 08198658:

19th August 2019:

From the day we first launched our very first product: Squirrly SEO, and up until now when we are known in over 90 countries as creators of Insanely Great Marketing Software…

As the celebration of PRO continues and we’re ramping up the number of partners who join our company in delivering insanely great solutions for their own customer base, we thought it would be great to shed a clear light on the numbers.

You’ve probably seen that we enjoy Facts, which is why we also have a Facts section on our website.

6,455 subscriptions for software products created by Squirrly have been sold in over 90 countries up until today.

However: this is not all.

It’s just the number from FastSpring and it only covers subscriptions (monthly and yearly subscriptions).

Of course, it only counted new subscriptions started, no recurring counts, or other stuff like that.

Because we keep innovating and delivering on the Promise we make in this article on our site, we managed to reduce the Churn rate from 15% in 2013 (YES! it was indeed something to work on) down to 2.5% in 2019. Customers wish to stay with us for as long as possible and we are grateful for it.

Unlike many other companies, our aim was to build Insanely Great software, so instead of going after “more customers” we spent all our efforts into making each product well loved by the “existing customers”.

We care a lot about the people who are with us today. Of course, we want more customers, but we only wanted to go after more, when we made everything perfect for the current ones that we have.

That moment is now.

If you want to support us join our affiliate program.

If you develop themes, plugins, offer hosting, or you work (or own) in an Agency, then check out this section.

Now, to go back to one of my previous points:

the 6,455 subscriptions sold number, doesn’t tell the whole story.

5,000 of those are solely for PRO Plan and Business plan on our Squirrly SEO Product, which is what triggered us to start this current #SummerProMo event, which is a Celebration of PRO.

Now, over the number of total subscriptions for all SaaS we developed:

  • there are also the payments for Starbox PRO, which is incredibly popular and has been so since day 1.
  • We sold an incredible amount of licenses for Starbox PRO.
  • there are the Extra Pages to Optimize with the SEO Live Assistant, which have not been included in the calculation
  • there are the Extra Keyword Researches paid, which have not been included in this calculation
  • there are Content Agency Subscriptions (YES, we used to have hundreds of customers for our content writing agency, and we only offered the service based on monthly subscriptions.). NO subscription for agency services have been included in the calculation
  • there are also payments for Squirrly SPY, which have not been included in the calculation, because at Squirrly SPY you pay per-report.
  • there are Subscriptions being SOLD via Shopify, for the Squirrly SEO APP built strictly for the Shopify platform. Those are NOT counted here in this total.
  • there are training sold via Udemy, which we did NOT include in this calculation

It has been a long road.

It has been amazing and I am grateful to the amazing squirrlyans whom I had the pleasure to work with.

On the 3rd of September 2019, Squirrly Limited will be 7 Years Old. I want to also thank the investors who helped us start this company.

A big Thank You to all the customers who believed in this company. You are the reason we are doing this. We only exist so that we can help people take charge of their online visibility and truly make it BIG online. I am happy that more and more of you start believing in yourselves as well and pursue the Do It Yourself method for marketing your business.

More great things will come your way… as the Celebration of PRO continues!




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