From Squirrly-Skeptic to Squirrly-Fan: Olivia’s Experience with Squirrly SEO

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Her exact words (we did not edit anything) are written in this blog post and it’s interesting to see how she didn’t believe that you just turn RED elements to Green and then you win.

She didn’t believe at first. Then she tried it and was wow’ed. Turning those elements to green really does help you win.

Her blog post begins now:

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Before I found this tool, I had kind of given up the idea of being on the first page of Google results – for anything – let alone having a chance at being the very first result.

(You know, the one that’s previewed and gets ALL THE CLICKS.)

I felt this way because I know SEO, but I’m no expert, and I don’t have the time or money to invest in what I thought it would take to achieve this goal.

But whether you run an online store, blog, or coaching business, you want to be one of those first results.

Just imagine how great it would be if, when someone searched “cute summer clothes,” your boutique appeared! Or if, when someone searched “how to knit” it was your blog post that was first. Or if, when someone searched “business coach,” your name was the very first result.

How many more customers, readers, clients would you get?


I’m going to tell you how to make that happen so you can find out for yourself! (Hint: It’s a lot.)

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords…

I had heard it all before…

Use keywords!

Take your own pictures!

Use keywords!

Download an SEO tool!

Have you tried using keywords?

I knew I needed to use keywords, but I didn’t know that it helps tremendously to bold one of the keywords on the webpage itself. I knew to use keywords, but I didn’t know I needed to use each keyword at least three to five times, and at least once in a heading.

And, for the love of God, I didn’t know I needed to rename my photo files to incorporate the keywords before I actually uploaded them.

Sound like a lot to keep track of?

Yeah, I know.

My Little Secret!

That’s when, one night while scrolling other blogger’s posts (and of course I cannot remember whose it was that mentioned this,) I came across a post that about Squirrly.

The blogger described it as a tool as easy as turning reds to greens by following the instructions of the plugin’s live assistant, and then finding yourself on the first page of Google.

It sounded too good to be true.

I downloaded it on my blog (first deleting Yoast, with the promise that it would be worth it) and started searching keywords and optimizing my first post.

And, surprisingly, it took me right through everything from my dashboard, by having me search for and select keywords, add them to my “briefcase” (more on that later) and then optimize future posts and pages to fit these keywords specifically.

How it Works

Although this post isn’t a tutorial (but you can click on this if you need a good one) I thought I would give you a bit of insight into how Squirrly works.


Though you can get the optimization done in one night, it’s going to take a few hours and require a lot of learning.

Basically, once Squirrly is installed, you can start searching keywords to add to your briefcase under the RESEARCH tab. This is where you can access all keywords you’ve saved that are related to your content.


Squirrly helps you choose less common keywords that you are more likely to rank on to start out with. For example, instead of “entrepreneur,” it might have you use the long-tail keyword “hacks for entrepreneurs,” which gets less searches and therefore gives you a better chance.

Once you’ve chosen the keyword you want to optimize for first, add that keyword to the FOCUS PAGES tab (Live Assistant will show you how) and set a page (old or new) to optimize specifically for this keyword.

From here, there will be many columns with green or red circles beneath them, each with a set of tasks. To make the first page of Google, you need to turn all the circles green, which means completing all the tasks (such as inserting keywords in the heading, inserting keywords three times in the body, bolding keywords, etc…) with the help of the Live Assistant.

Once this is done, as Squirrly says, “You will win.” This means, of course, you will make the first page of Google!


I didn’t realize until the end of optimizing my first page that you need backlinks to your webpage page in order to fulfill all the requirements and turn all the circles green. (In other words, there need to be links to your website’s page on other people’s websites.)

I hacked this by commenting (thoughtful and supportive) posts on other people’s blogs with similar topics and linking back to my specific post or page from that comment to create my own backlinks!

It’s a win-win: Other bloggers get thoughtful comments, and I get backlinks!

I hope you will check out Squirrly and see what it can do for you!

Happy optimizing!

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