Learn a New Marketing Skill in 10 Minutes or Less

Want to grow your skill set but don’t have a ton of time?

We’ve got you covered!

Here are five new skills you can learn in just 10 minutes or less.

 1. Crush the YouTube game with captivating thumbnails

🔥 included in this video course available now inside Education Cloud PLUSCanva for Beginners. Design Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics for Free, lesson 2

Ever wondered how some YouTube thumbnails grab attention and generate views like crazy?

Learn to create eye-catching thumbnails that will make your content stand out in the sea of videos, the easy way.

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2. Create irresistible calls to action that get a reaction

🔥 included in this course available now inside Education Cloud PLUSConversion Rate Optimization, lesson 6 

Want to boost your conversion rates and make your audience take action?

Learn the art of creating compelling calls to action that will make your visitors click, sign up, or buy without batting an eye.

3. Learn to do keyword research like a PRO

🔥 included in this course available now inside Education Cloud PLUSSEO PRO Learning Tournament, lesson 5

Learn the exact techniques used by SEO experts to uncover high-opportunity keywords and increase organic traffic to your website.

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4. Craft an author bio that stands out from the crowd

🔥 included in this course available now inside Education Cloud PLUSPersonal Branding, lesson 3

Do you find it hard to describe yourself in just a few words?

Take this lesson and uncover proven tips and tricks that’ll help you write a killer author bio that boosts credibility and engagement.

5. Never run out of blog post ideas again

🔥 included in this course available now inside Education Cloud PLUS: Idea Generation for Continuous Blogging, lesson 3 

Need fresh ideas for your next blog post?

See how you can start using headline generators and say goodbye to writer’s block.


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