Introducing the Learning Assistant by Squirrly: A Digital Assistant that Goes Beyond the Norm

The Squirrly Company believes that technology should do more for its users.

That’s why every SaaS built by Squirrly has a Digital Assistant integrated into it.

This includes Education Cloud PLUS, which now has its very own assistant: 🥁 the Learning Assistant (or the Recommendations Engine).

Recommendations Engine: Learning Assistant

This new assistant takes center stage in our brand new work in progress footage that showcases how Digital Assistants help bridge the Gap of Desolation and Get Customers from the Internet.

But more than just a signature move, the Learning Assistant embodies our belief that technology should use its data to help users make informed decisions and simplify their lives.

The Learning Assistant is included in all Education Cloud PLUS pricing plans.

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As the founder of Squirrly, I have been focused on building technology that tells users what they should do, and the Learning Assistant is no different.

It is not meant to be another sophisticated AI like our Ranking Vision AI or the AI system in Squirrly Social.

Instead, it is designed to help users assess their skills and find the exact courses they need to learn in order to improve those skills.

The Learning Assistant is embedded in the QUIZ section of Education Cloud PLUS, and it offers recommendations based on quiz scores.

If a user gets a certain low score, takes the recommended courses, and then takes the quiz again with a much higher score, we consider that our Learning Assistant did its job perfectly.

This recommendations engine is not built for entertainment, but to help instructors know which scores require which courses to be studied in order to improve those scores.

Our Digital Assistants are built to make your lives easier.

They are meant to  help you achieve a lot more in a lot less time. They are NOT meant to be apps that consume all your time and potentially leave you feeling more frustrated than when you first started.

Sometimes, our technology uses sophisticated sets of algorithms, machine learning, big data, complex servers, and worker systems to help users achieve their goals.

Other times, it’s just a collection of data that users can “plug and play” without needing to become masters themselves. The Learning Assistant is an example of the latter.

Curious to give it a try?

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recommendations engine learning assistant screenshot

What problem does the Learning Assistant help fix?

Consider this scenario:

A user takes a quiz and gets a score of 2 out of 10.

They then browse a collection of 40 courses to find out which one would help them achieve a higher score and build up their mastery.

But what if they choose a course that is too advanced for their skill level? This could lead to frustration and a waste of time.

Our Learning Assistant takes care of this problem by helping users easily identify the next course that will build up their skills.

With this assistance, users don’t have to spend a lot of time navigating through different courses and figuring out what to do next.

The Recommendations Engine: Learning Assistant knows the user’s skill level and recommends courses that are appropriate for their current level.

That means users no longer have to go through the tedious process of finding the right course because our tech can offer assistance for all users, regardless of how well they scored.

Our Digital Assistants don’t have to be high tech, but they do have to be great assistants that help the user.

The Learning Assistant is a low tech example of a digital assistant that replaces the need for having a human assistant. It does what human assistants do in stores all over the world, helping customers choose what book to read or what gift to buy.

We hope that users of the Learning Assistant will find the exact courses they need to take next and enjoy using the assistant.

At Squirrly, we are committed to making technology work for our users and make their lives easier.

The Recommendations Engine: Learning Assistant is just one example of how we are doing that.

Want to start using the Learning Assistant to discover the right content for building the skills you need?

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