Logged & Loaded: Know Who Does What on Your Site

First off, trust is essential, right?

You’ve given your users access to your site because you trust them. But we’re all human. And humans… well, we have our moments.

However, if you could pinpoint exactly who made a mistake and how; it’d be a breeze to remedy the situation and guide them on avoiding it next time.

But what if there’s a malicious user trying to access your site repeatedly, and you’re unaware of these attempts?

Since the login page is one of the pages that hackers target the most when seeking to hack a WordPress site, keeping tabs on those login attempts is absolutely crucial.

You see, your site’s security isn’t just about building a fortress; it’s also about constant monitoring.

That is how you can uncover and fix security threats before they become a problem.

To help with that, Hide My WP Ghost provides the Log Users Events feature.

It’s the security magnifying glass you’ve been looking for!

🔐 Quick heads-up: This feature is included in the PRO version of Hide My WP Ghost.

Curious about the price tag? See pricing details here >>

Using the Events Log report from Hide My WP Ghost, you’ll have a clear view of every significant action taking place on your site.

This not only keeps you informed but also empowers you to address potential security threats.

With the Log Users Events feature, you’ll always know the who, what, and when of activities on your WordPress website:

☑️ Find out if someone is trying to hack your site.

☑️ Know when a post was deleted, and who deleted it.

☑️ Know when a plugin was activated/deactivated, and who did it.

☑️ Track your freelancers’ or hired developer’s activities.

☑️ Track your multiple blog authors’ activities.

☑️ Track who has logged in, when, and with what IP address.

☑️ View successful and failed login attempts. HMWP Ghost will automatically track user login sessions for you.

☑️ Track which IP address is targeting your login page.

☑️ Track which themes, plugins, and core files are updated by which user.

Once the option Log Users Events has been activated, you will be able to access this data by navigating to Hide My WP > Events Log > Events Log Report.

🔥 This feature is included in the PRO version of Hide My WP Ghost.

See pricing details here >>

For every recorded user action, Hide My WP Ghost gives you a breakdown and shows you:

– Their IP address.

– Specific details like where the action took place on your site, the name and role of the user who performed said action, and the date of the action.

Plus, if the action involves a plugin (e.g. if a user deactivated a plugin), you’ll know which one.

Security isn’t just about setting up barriers; it’s about staying vigilant. With Hide My WP Ghost, you have an always-awake security guard, 24/7.

Every action that users take when logged in to your site (for the last 30 days) will be documented in the Events Log Report, so you’ll know who does what on your site.

If this sounds like a superhero you need in your corner, consider getting the PRO powers of Hide My WP Ghost to make your security arsenal even better!

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