More Details about Joining the New DMSuperstars Community

27 Apr 2022
| Last update: 25 May 2022

500 of you have joined us and I thank you for that. It was really good to see you were excited about joining our new DMSuperstars community.

However, I failed to properly communicate a few aspects. I am sorry. Trying to clarify now, to help everyone.

1) First of all: the Facebook group could only be accessed by FB users who were directly invited in.

FB’s “hide from search” option made the group invisible even to those who accessed the link. This made members think there was no FB group at all.

Thanks to two of our great supporters we could figure this out and make changes. They helped us with screenshots and their valuable time.

People finally joined after we fixed that setting.

2) Secondly, in 2017 we started our own email-based community, where we invited some of our favorite people from our 139,000 people lists (back then) to join a special email-based community where we would share marketing ideas and SEO Studies via email.

It was a way to identify those in our overall community who were really engaged with learning from us and with applying new ideas.

Chris Brogan, famous internet celebrity, had such a community and his was a paid community. To be on that email list you had to pay a monthly fee (it was worth it; short and actionable stuff).

There were others who did this in many different niches across the web.

We wanted something built specifically for Digital Marketing.

Overall, we sent our members 151 emails.

One by one.

This year, we decided to open the doors to more people and get everyone inside a web app where they can access all 151 ideas and studies in one place.

And we also created a Facebook group where we can talk about the ideas presented. The group can be found in the Support section once you login to the web app.

(and it can actually be accessed this time)

I also talked about this in my Youtube video.

We had a few emails asking us where is the community.

Just join from the invite link following those steps, and you will be in.

You are getting FREE access (because you were invited) to all 151 ideas and also to the Facebook Group.

In the Support section you will also find the FB group. This is a lot easier than it used to be and gives you instant access, as opposed to having to wait for all 151 individual emails to reach your inbox.

NOTE! If you already own a Premium Pass for Education Cloud PLUS, you already have access to this.

No further actions required for Premium Pass users.