Web Dev Kit – Customize the Whole Squirrly SEO Plugin Experience for Your Clients

18 Apr 2022
| Last update: 07 Jun 2022

Last year, Squirrly SEO became the most-awarded SEO tool of 2021 (see here), but getting awards for our dear squirrel wasn’t the only thing we did.

Agencies, freelancers and SEOs who work on client sites have helped us test, outgrow BETA, and fully launch the Web Dev Kit plan.

Growing from helping Non-SEO Experts to delivering advanced solutions for Agencies and SEO Experts, was definitely a big thing.

The Web Dev Kit really helps us separate the two worlds (or phases in the customer journey).

Squirrly SEO has been (since 2012) and always will be for Non-SEO Experts. We will turn Non-SEO Experts into SEO Superstars.

… and …

Those SEO Superstars start figuring out they’re becoming amazing at SEO. Which leads them to take on SEO work for different clients.

Thar’s when they start needing more from us, to fit their growing needs. This is where the Web Dev Kit comes in.

With Squirrly SEO’s WDK you can easily customize the whole plugin experience for your clients and also completely cut off their access from the Cloud App of Squirrly SEO.

You can co-brand the plugin you install, decide which features to offer them, create multiple types of zip files if you want.

It’s very powerful for Web Developers, Marketing and SEO Agencies and also for freelancers.

It’s useful if you’re using Squirrly SEO for other clients, NOT for your own websites and projects (it’s important to know this. If you work for your own stuff, you don’t need it).

WDK was already tested by 700 agencies.