Get Lifetime Access to Education Cloud 2020 with a One Time Payment

29 Mar 2020
| Last update: 14 Apr 2020

Your One Time Payment. Pay Once. Have it Forever

You can see the lifetime access plan for Education Cloud 2020 here: on the pricing page.

It already includes the discount.

The discount is already applied once you enter the page. Gives you access to all free and Paid courses inside Education Cloud 2020. And all the new ones we’ll be releasing this year to Education Cloud 2020.

4 courses added in February 2020.
3 courses added in March 2020

More will follow.

Insanely Great Education Deal right here.

Prices will soon increase for all plans. However, if you buy any plan right now, that’s the price you’ll be paying in the future as well. It will not go up for you if you take advantage now and lock it in.