Oxygen Builder SEO and Divi SEO in the Front-End Available Now

23 Jun 2022

On our official Roadmap for Squirrly SEO, many of you requested Oxygen Builder SEO and Divi Builder SEO directly in the front-end, as you’re using each Visual Page Builder.

You can continue voting and adding your ideas on our roadmap.

Oxygen SEO is now available with today’s update. You’ll be able to optimize pages built with the Oxygen Builder directly from the front-end editor.

Squirrly SEO’s Live Assistant worked with the back-end versions of page builders since last year, when we’ve added many compatibilities.

This year, thanks to re-writing the SEO Live Assistant after Squirrly SEO: Peaks was launched on May 16th (read here), we are able to bring more to you directly in the front-end.

The Stable version for the Oxygen builder is ready to use today. Make sure you allow the SEO Live Assistant to load in the front-end (from the Live Assistant Settings menu).

✅For more details, please check out:

Using Squirrly SEO with Oxygen: Key Things You Should Know >>

Divi Builder SEO in the Front-end

Next Up: Divi Builder SEO in the front-end.

It’s already in Beta and you can try it out today from the official plugin file, once you make the update in your WP admin dashboard.

✅For more details, please check out:

Using Squirrly SEO with Divi: Key Things You Should Know >>

Keep Adding your Favorite Page Builders to our Roadmap!

We’ve got a couple more builders in the works and you can see them on the sqroad hashtag on Twitter.

We only forgot to mention Zion Builder there, which is also on the list.

Do you have any ideas? – tell us about your favorite Page Builder here.

Suggesting page builders and gathering votes is a sure way to make our developers to focus on your favs.

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🧐Updates to the Help Center for Squirrly SEO: Peaks

You can read more about the updates on SQROAD on Twitter.


  • bobby

    June 24, 2022 at 2:55 PM

    Hey, start using your plugin with my website that uses DIVI first; it was working ok using from the backend but not in the front end was not showing. After opening a ticket, support came into play fast to help solve my problem. The support guy called Peter was fantastic. He came 2-3 times and explained that the Divi function in the Frontend like a live assistant was in beta, but they would do all they could to solve all my problems. After a couple of hours and a visit to my WordPress backend, all was a fix, and it’s working no1.

    Thanks for all the great support and help, and yes, after close 2 weeks of playing around with the plugins to make the task turn red to green. I see the real result, and it’s just the beginning!



    • Squirrly

      June 28, 2022 at 8:36 AM

      Hi, Bobby! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. It’s really great to hear about your success and I’ll be sure to let Peter know about your feedback here as well. I’m sure it will make his day.🥰

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