[PODCAST] Episode 2: Learn how to get 10,000 Visits from Social Media

13 Oct 2020

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^^ This is the episode where Paul and Florin discuss about actually getting traffic to a site.

A lot of people have a very limited view regarding the possibilities of social media, and here I’m talking especially about B2B marketers who don’t “really enjoy this social media thing” (their words, not mine).

The co-hosts present a pretty clear plan for using Quora in order to get more visits to the blog posts and the pages that you publish to your website.

They also talk a lot about new technologies that can help you step up your social media game.

We’ve seen first-hand how many people struggle to keep their profiles updated, or even worse: they post a ground-breaking research article today, share it on social media for a couple of days, and then completely forget all about it, as they divert their attention to other digital marketing hacks.

Good marketing is not about hacks, it’s about clear processes and making sure that you are in control of publishing.

It’s way too easy to lose your head in all of this, and it’s probably the reason why you’ve never received 10,000 visits from social media until now.

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