[Podcast] Episode 7: Calendly. How to e-Meet, Schedule Calls, Manage Online Bookings and Calendars

17 Sep 2020

Calendly (now on https://app.dmsuperstars.com) is the best way to schedule meeting with people in the real world and also in the virtual space.

If you want to interview people, collaborate with partners, or you want to give advice as an expert, Calendly will definitely help you organize your life and your business.

We are using Calendly not just for scheduling studio time to record the Marketing Education Cloud Podcast, but we’re also using it for a customer who needs their clients to book time in a schedule for different automotive inspections.

There are many other use cases and reasons why you should use Calendly. And we have just the right MasterClass on Education Cloud that shows you how to set everything up. Even how to integrate it inside a WordPress site.

While this is not a typical WordPress Podcast, you can still learn a lot about WordPress itself, not just about general online marketing podcast episodes.

Hope you’ll enjoy listening to this new episode.