The Power of SEO Keywords for Virtual Assistant

When it comes to building a successful SEO strategy, keyword research is the essential first step. Without thorough research, your efforts to rank on the first page of Google will likely fall flat. To help you navigate this crucial process and achieve the best results, Squirrly SEO offers a suite of powerful tools designed to optimize your keyword research experience.

The Power of SEO Keywords for Virtual Assistants

Let’s explore the various features of Squirrly SEO’s Keyword Research Tool and show you how to uncover the most valuable keywords for your virtual assistant business.

seo keywords for virtual assistant

The Power of Long-Tail Keywords

With Squirrly SEO’s Keyword Research Tool, you can effortlessly discover these valuable SEO keywords for virtual assistant that have the potential to catapult your website to the summit of search engine results pages (SERPs). Long-tail keywords are phrases containing three or more words that are highly specific to your business. These keywords have lower competition compared to generic terms, making it easier for your website to rank higher on Google.

To access the Keyword Research Tool, simply navigate to Squirrly SEO > Keyword Research > Find Keywords from your WordPress Dashboard or visit the Cloud App. Once you’re in, you’ll be presented with a wealth of valuable information to guide your keyword selection process.

seo keywords for virtual assistant

Understanding Competition and Search Volume

When delving into the realm of SEO keywords for virtual assistant, it is crucial to consider two vital metrics: competition and search volume. Competition refers to the level of difficulty in ranking for a specific keyword. Squirrly SEO’s Keyword Research Tool examines the top 10 sites ranking on Google for a given keyword and assesses their authority. If the sites ranking for a keyword have high authority, it may be challenging for your website to compete unless you have a similarly high authority.

On the other hand, search volume indicates the number of times a keyword is searched on search engines like Google. This metric provides insights into what keywords and topics your potential customers are actively searching for. By targeting keywords with higher search volume, you can attract more organic traffic to your website.

To perform a keyword search using Squirrly SEO, enter a keyword related to your business. Avoid broad terms and focus on specific phrases that accurately represent your services. For example, instead of targeting “virtual assistant,” consider using “virtual assistant for small businesses” or “virtual assistant for busy professionals.”

Squirrly SEO allows you to perform keyword research for specific countries, enabling you to tailor your SEO strategy to local audiences. Simply select the country you want to focus on from the drop-down menu and proceed to the next step.

Selecting Similar Keywords and Doing Deep Research

To refine your keyword research even further, Squirrly SEO’s Keyword Research Tool provides a list of similar keywords suggested by Google and Bing. You can choose up to three additional keywords from this list to gain deeper insights into their potential. Keep in mind that selecting similar keywords will consume additional keyword research credits.

By default, the Keyword Research Tool displays around 10-20 keyword suggestions to expedite the processing time. However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive results, you can opt for a deep research, which provides insights for up to 50 keywords. Kindly bear in mind that conducting a deep research requires a Business account with Squirrly SEO, ensuring you have access to all the cutting-edge features necessary for uncovering the most effective SEO keywords for virtual assistant.

Discovering Long-Tail Keywords

Once you’ve entered your initial keyword and selected similar keywords, Squirrly SEO’s algorithm will analyze each keyword by running over 100 queries on it and related keywords. This process evaluates competition, social discussion, and search volume data for the past 90 days. The resulting list of long-tail keywords will be displayed based on their ranking potential.

When reviewing the list, prioritize keywords with a good balance of competition and search volume. Remember that even if a keyword has a high chance of ranking based on competition, if it has low search volume, it may not be worth targeting in your SEO strategy. Focus on keywords that have a decent search volume and manageable competition to maximize your chances of achieving success and effectively targeting the most impactful SEO keywords for virtual assistant.

Managing Your Keyword Opportunities with Squirrly Briefcase

To stay organized and effectively build your SEO strategy around your main keywords, Squirrly SEO offers the Briefcase feature. This feature allows you to keep track of your best keyword opportunities in a dedicated, single place.

To access Briefcase, go to Squirrly SEO > Keyword Research > Briefcase from your WordPress Dashboard or visit the Cloud App. In Briefcase, you can add keywords that you want to focus on and optimize your content for.

When adding keywords to Briefcase, you have the option to assign labels to organize them into tighter groups. This helps you create winning SEO strategies based on different stages of your customer’s journey or search intent. For example, you can create labels like “Problem Awareness,” “Solution Comparison,” or “After-sales” to group keywords accordingly.

By utilizing Briefcase, you can efficiently optimize your content for multiple keywords and ensure that you don’t overlook any valuable keyword opportunities.


The significance of SEO keyword research cannot be overstated. With Squirrly SEO’s robust Keyword Research Tool, you gain access to a wealth of SEO keywords specifically tailored to elevate your virtual assistant business. By uncovering long-tail keywords with lower competition and higher search volume, you position your website for success, aiming to secure a prime position on Google’s first page.

It’s essential to remember the importance of focusing on specific, targeted SEO keywords for virtual assistants that accurately capture the essence of your services. By carefully considering the competition and search volume metrics, you can identify the most advantageous keywords to drive organic traffic to your website.

Squirrly Briefcase further empowers you to streamline your keyword opportunities, allowing you to build a powerful SEO strategy centered around your primary keywords. By leveraging the full potential of Squirrly SEO’s suite of tools and following the comprehensive steps outlined in this article, you have the potential to optimize your website for SEO keywords that will attract a larger audience, propelling your virtual assistant business to new heights.

Embark on your keyword research journey today and witness the transformative impact of targeted SEO keywords for virtual assistant. With dedication and strategic implementation, you can position your website at the forefront of search results, captivating your audience and driving substantial growth for your virtual assistant business.



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