Spending too Much time on Your SEO? Work Smart by Using the Next SEO Goals from Squirrly

19 Jul 2021
| Last update: 10 Aug 2021

Fighting against wasted time and wasted effort… story of my life.

There are people out there who would tell you that getting to page 1 of Google can only happen after 6 months.

Why is that?

– they are wasting time and effort.

They are NOT smart.

Look, if you start working super smart you can do a lot more than all those people.

You can decide today to spend 15 minutes working properly and orderly on your SEO…or decide to spend 2347 minutes working aimlessly and getting the same results as the next guy or gal that worked just 15 minutes.

To better picture this, it all comes down to going route A or route B:


Here’s something I think some of you haven’t used and it’s already included in your Squirrly SEO package:

Daily SEO Goals (or Next SEO Goals). Just click HERE to see it.

These SEO Goals will help you work smart. They (these goals) will help you travel the A route.

SEO Goals help you work only on those things that quickly move you towards real-world results.

Going the A route here! Easy.

Just check Next SEO Goals out right now in: WordPress – Squirrly – Overview.

Scroll in the Overview panel to see them.

This Next SEO Goals section says different things for different sites, because everything is 100% custom-tailored to your own site. It doesn’t recommend the same next actions for everyone out there.

There are at least 200 things you could be doing today to improve your SEO. 200!

Well… our Daily SEO Goals will bring you 3 things to do today that really make an impact.

Drew, a small business owner and one of our customers had consultants telling him to go Route B and waste a lot of his time (and money).

He just ditched them and got results on his own terms… far faster than any of them believed he could:

Read all about Drew’s Success Story here >>.