G2 Awards Squirrly SEO the High Performer Medal for Summer 2021

We’re thrilled to share this exciting news with you:

G2 – the renowned software review platform – named Squirrly SEO a High Performer in its Summer 2021 Grid Report for SEO Software.

This medal marks the third official recognition that Squirrly SEO has received this year alone from trusted software review platforms.

If you want to learn more about the other titles that Squirrly earned in 2021 so far, please check out the following articles:

G2 uses Crowd-Sourced, Verified user reviews to Rate Products and Highlight the High Performers

G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is one of the world’s leading platforms for software comparison and business software reviews.

Providing crowd-sourced verified user reviews, the platform equips buyers with unbiased, qualified information to help them make the best decision when choosing the right technologies to run their business.

G2 collects thousands of user reviews to help managers, business leaders, and investors compare software and make the right purchasing decisions based on insightful peer reviews and comprehensive comparison grids and reports.

Every quarter, G2 analyzes and rates software providers across different industries, and then shares its findings in the Grid Report.

Taking into account both market presence and customer satisfaction data, the report recognizes the high performers in each industry.

G2’s quarterly reports are presented in the form of comparative grids and are primarily based on user ratings. This is meant to ensure as much objectivity as possible.

In addition to reviews from verified users, G2 also uses aggregated data from online sources and social networks to evaluate a product’s market presence.

Check out the G2 Grid® for the top SEO Software products here. You’ll find Squirrly SEO in the High Performers quadrant.


What Do Squirrly SEO Users Have to Say on G2?

We have a lot of fantastic reviews on G2 that we are extremely grateful for. Here are some of them:

Terrified of SEO? You absolutely need Squirrly”

Squirrly holds your hand and guides you through the maze of SEO confusion.

If you want to optimise your website for search engines but the terminology means nothing, and you don’t have the time or energy to learn several tools and try to become an ‘SEO expert’ whilst working flat out on developing and running your organisation and website, as well as actually getting to spend time with your family, I honestly can’t see a better solution than Squirrly.

  • Marc C. (Founder and Director)


Best tool if you know nothing about SEO – great for experts too

Squirrly is helping me improve my page ranking so that potential clients can find me! I am still setting up my site, but based on the feedback I’m receiving from Squirrly, I have already modified my content to make the things that are really important stand out.

  • Michelle C. (Associate Attorney)


All in One SEO Tool with world-class customer support

It’s more feature-rich than Yoast, and the support is outstanding! They helped me solve a time-critical problem within 6 hours.

The AI assistant helps even SEO newbies to achieve good results. If you are a seasoned SEO you can fine-tune all the options you have.

  • Marius T. (Projektleiter Marketing)


Curious to see ALL reviews? Hop on over to G2 now!


From all of us here at Squirrly, we want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who took the time to submit a review on G2 and share their feedback this way.

Every single review contributes to us making Squirrly SEO a better product.

P.S. If you want to join the conversation and share your thoughts about Squirrly SEO on G2, HERE is where you get started >>.



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