Squirrly SEO: June 2021 Updates Pack

Introducing: Squirrly SEO – June 2021 Updates Pack!

After rolling out over 50 updates and fixes in May 2021, it’s now time to announce even more ways in which we’ve made Squirrly SEO better for you.

We’ve been working hard on our June update for Squirrly SEO.

Keep reading to learn all about our new features, updates, and bug fixes. We found answers to your questions and we’re excited to share them with you.

We’ve expanded our customer support team and have the same fast and friendly service you’re used to.

Some of our most exciting new updates include:

  • Update – Do not track the traffic for Squirrly crawlers
  • Update – Add in Dev Kit the options to hide the Research, All Snippets, Live Assistant menu items
  • Update – Integrate Focus Pages with the SEO Links domain exception in the Outbound nofollow links report
  • Update – Compatibility between Live Assistant & Thrive Architect
  • Update – Add the Multilingual Support option for non UTF8 encodings
  • Update – Compatibility with Weglot plugin
  • Update – Archive patterns and Custom Post Types Archive in SEO Automation
  • Multilingual Support for East Asia
  • Update – Compatibility with Oxygen Gutenberg plugin
  • Update – Let Visibility setup ACTIVE in SEO Snippet even while WordPress is in “Discourage Search Engines from Indexing this Site” (came due to feedback)
  • Update – Remove the Memory Limit option in Squirrly SEO
  • Update – Automatically add ‘noindex’ to empty Tags and Categories
  • Update – Added option to exclude from Sitemap the noindex pages
  • Update – Added new Social button patterns in SEO Audit to identify Social Share buttons
  • Update – Removed the Trend Column from Keyword Research as the service is no longer available
  • Update – Changed the Google API functions in SEO Audit and Focus Pages to work with the last version of Google API
  • Update – Add support for the SWIS Performance plugin

Important fixes that came with the June 2021 Update Pack:

  • Fix – Add a patch for the Oxygen builder to not show 500 error when editing the templates
  • Fix – Web Dev Kit to work with the Wp Mutisite for the custom plugin name
  • Fix – Canonical Link for the blog page when pagination is on
  • Fix – SEO Snippet PHP warning when JSON-LD is not loaded for the post type
  • Fix – SEO Snippet data update when LIVE Assistant is not loaded on a post type
  • Fix – Product Custom Fields update when LIVE Assistant is not loaded on a post type
  • Fix – Remove the auto setup for SEO Links on onboarding
  • Fix – Set the Article and NewArticle Schema Headline correctly
  • Fix – Word count in Focus Pages for some Page Builders like Divi, WP Bakery
  • Fix – Timeout while doing Keywords backup from Briefcase
  • Fix – Prevent Posts and Pages duplicate in Sitemap XML while WPML plugin is active
  • Fix – Correct the Categories SEO Import from Rank Math
  • Fix – Hide Features from All Features when they are deactivated in Dev Kit
  • Fix – Slug change support for Quick Edit while in Post List
  • Fix – Remove the error count notification when the Next SEO Goals are hidden (it’s not an error count, but that’s how people pinpoint to it)
  • Fix – Pattern replace with case insensitive {{Title}} = {{title}}
  • Fix – Corrected the typo in the Rankings section

Want to discover even more about what’s new in Squirrly SEO?

 You can also check the list of updates we did as part of the May 2021 Update Package here.

You Told Us What You Want, and We Built it for You

Squirrly SEO is the product it is today because we know how important it’s to always learn from our users’ experience.

We L-O-V-E reading your feedback, discovering what makes Squirrly SEO valuable to you – and what we can do to improve so that it best meets your needs.

Just as it was the case for our May updates, most of the things included in the June 2021 Updates Pack for Squirrly SEO are things you, our users, requested, or issues you pointed out.

A huge Thank You to everyone in our community for helping us continue on our mission to make Squirrly SEO the best it can be.

We love you and love your feedback, so please keep it coming.

We’re doing our best to build up the best roadmap possible. And we are also improving the UX of our roadmap (soon to announce it).

Until then, see more about All our products from the Squirrly Company here on the Twitter Feed.

Get Quick Access to ALL Updates Now

You can get quick access to the updates by using this option available in Squirrly SEO: Reinstall Current Squirrly SEO Version.

Go to SEO Settings > Import/Export and scroll down to the Rollback Plugin section. There you can find the option: Reinstall Current Version.



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