Look what the Snail Mail Dragged In: Squirrly High-Performance Award

🤩Look what the snail mail dragged in…

Our award from our dear partners, AppSumo, for the Squirrly SEO campaign.

They helped us reach thousands of new paying clients in just 2 months and gain $500,000 USD in sales. Very few of their partners reach this level, so they wanted to help us celebrate the achievement.

I was happy to see an IRL award that we can place in our office.

All the others are placed on our site.

In other news:

And we keep working on better integrating all our products and improving the customer experience!

When you invest in your success, we invest in your success. We’ve raised over $2 Million USD from our large community of paying customers and invested it in the technology which powers our entire world of world-class products for entrepreneurs.



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