This Is What Happens Every Time You Start a Keyword Research in Squirrly

02 Mar 2020
| Last update: 14 Apr 2020

Every time you place One keyword and start a research in Squirrly:

– System processes start to grab fresh data when you hit click.
– looks at the first keyword you placed.
– finding first 10 alternatives to the keyword you wanted to research
– for each alternative it finds, it looks at the first 10 pages ranked on Google for each keyword. Basically processes 100 pages in real time, while you look at the Keyword Research interface.
– measuring the web authority for those 100 pages ranked on the first page of Google.
– comparing their authority to your site’s authority
– System then looks at monthly search volume (how many people search that keyword each month) for all keywords it crawled.
– analyzing the last 30 days of trends for each keyword (real-time)
– seeing how many discussions are on forums for those keywords.
– seeing 100 latest Twitter results for each keyword. Depending on each case, it can end up looking at 100 x 20 results. 2,000 twitter posts analyzed each time you do a keyword research. In real-time.

Now there are literally thousands of results spread out and the System now starts piecing everything back together.

System does this in a few seconds… How many hours would it take you to do the same starting from One keyword?

And then it serves you the results in the interface.

Yes, this is what happens every single time you use the feature.

Soon, it will work even faster. We’ve already tested the faster version with hundreds of our users.

And we’re releasing Deep Research Mode. Which will take a starting total of 50 keywords, instead of 10.

– checks all data I mentioned in real-time (maximum caching time is 24 hours). Squirrly SEO doesn’t keep cached databases of over 1 year old like SEMrush and all other tools. All data you see is fresh.

Getting so much feedback from 44,000 plus monthly active users (aprox. 158,400 sites) helps us see what people want to know. So I said: ” let’s start with keyword research. ”

We’ll soon also touch down on the SEO Live Assistant and also how one site managed to get 1,001 clicks from Google searches last month… all of them by following Squirrly’s advice from Focus Pages.