How to Create Your First Post


Click on Create a New Post from the top of the dashboard.


Start by adding an image and a message for your post. 


Awesome! Now, let’s look into some of the other time-saving features you’ll find in Squirrly Social. Look for an  # icon. Click on it to automatically add # to your post. 


Next to the 🔗 icon, you’ll find a symbol for links. This will clip your links into clean, short and clickable URLs.


To quickly add emojis to your posts, start by clicking on the smiley icon. Then choose your favorite emojis and add them to your post with just one click.  


The Watermark slider allows you to add watermark to your images. Give it a Try!


Once you’ve customized everything that you want in this panel and you’re happy with how your watermark looks like, click on Set as default.

Other ways to create New Posts using Squirrly Social


You can also create posts from the Post Planner tab. All you have to do is go to Approved or to a new category in Draft where you have no posts created yet, and click on Create a New Post.


Another way to create new posts is using the Calendar Tab (which gives you an overview of your current publishing strategy in a highly-visual way)


The final way to create new posts in Squirrly Social is by using the Social Media Assistant feature (access it from the left menu).

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