How to Publish Your First Post


Once you’ve created a new post and want to include it in your publishing calendar, you’ll have two options: Save to Calendar or Save to Group. 

1. Save to Group option. Here, you can choose a category for your post. You can also decide if you want it to be saved as a draft or as approved. Plus, you can pick whether the post should go out multiple times or if it should only be sent once. If you choose the repeat option, your posts will go out for as many times as you’ve selected (without overlapping with other scheduled posts). 


Go to the Calendar tab to see an overview of your strategy in a highly-visual Way


2. Add to Calendar option. In this case, you’ll have to select the profile on which you want to post. Then, you can post right away or choose to schedule the post to go out on a specific day and/or at a specific time.  


You can always see your posts in the Post Groups tab in the left menu, as well as in the Calendar tab.

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