What can I see in the Calendar Tab?

Calendar tab is a visual mode of seeing your past and next posts. You can also create new posts directly in this tab.

You have two versions of the display, Day and Week.

You also have filters for a easier visualization of your posts.

How to add a new post?

You can click on the green button Add post from the Week view mode. If you are in Day view mode, then you have to mouse over the hour you want your post to go and then the green button will appear.


What can I see in the History Tab?

History tab is the place to see if your posts have been published successfully.

You also have filters and date range.

On the left side of the tab, you have all your social media profiles and you can see how many posts have been published with Squirrly Social and if you click on any of them, you see the posts that have been published.

Post Planner

What can I see in the Post Planner Tab?

Post Planner tab allows you to see the posts that are draft, scheduled or published.

You can also see your categories, timings and the social media profiles your posts go to.

How can I change or add a new category?

In the left side of the interface, you have the categories.

You can add a new one by clicking the button Add Category. You will have to choose a name, to select on what platforms you want your posts to go, if you want the posts to repeat or not and if the posts are Draft or Approved.

To change the name of a category, you will have to click the gear icon from the right side, which will take you to the settings panel.

How do I create a new post?

If you don’t have any post in Drafts or Scheduled Tab, you will be able to see the Create a new post button.

If you already have posts there, then you will have to click the Create a new post button from the top banner.

How do I approve a post?

From the Drafts tab, you will have a check icon under the post. The first icon from the left to the right.

Can I rescheduled a post that have already been posted?

Yes. You will have to go to the Published tab and click the copy icon you have under the post you want to post again.

How can I schedule my posts?

When you create a new post, you can choose to Add to Queue or Save to Post Planner.

For the Add to Queue option, you will be able to choose a date and a time for the post, or if you want to Send Now.

For the Sabe to Post Planner,  you will have to go than on the button that says Timings on the right side. Under the settings icon.

There you will be able to choose what days of the weeks and what times your posts will go.

How do I choose my social media profiles?

On the right side, you will have a text Add a social profile. If you click it, it will take you to the settings of the category, where you have the option to choose where to Post to.

You can also click on the gear icon from the right, that will take you to the same panel.

How do repeat posts work?

If you decided on some posts to repeat themselves than the post will go when there is nothing also to be posted. You can see more exactly when your post was scheduled if you go to the Calendar Tab.

I want Friday to be all about inspiration, how do I do that?

You will have to create a new category, named it Inspiration, and from the timings setting you choose only Friday and what times you want.


How do I organize my images?

You can create new folders for your images. Just click on the Add folder button, chose a name, and then start uploading you files there.

Can I move the images from one folder to another?

No. You can not do that. You can only use an image in a post or deleted.

For you to have an image in another folder, you will have to be on that folder and uploaded there.

Content Discovery

What can I do here?

You can find quality content from around the world. You can choose how fresh the content you want to be if you want to search for a particular country or, all of them and if you want to search only for videos.

All you have to do is select your filters, and add your keyword and click search.

How can I use the posts from here?

When you find a post that you like, you can add it to any category you want. On the right side, you will have an Add to … button. This button also has a small arrow that will show you your category to be able to choose where you want your post to go.

For ex. Add to General.

Manage Social Profiles

How do I add a new Social Media Profile?

On the right side, you have Add a social media profile button. It also tells you how many you have left.

How do I ask for a new token for a client?

All you have to do, is click on the refresh icon from the Actions column for that particular social media profile.

Can I add a profile that I deleted previously?

Yes. You just have to click on the Add a social media profile, and add it again.

Brand Settings

How do I add a team member?

Click on the Team members from the left side menu, and that add that person email address on the Send invitations tab.