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The International Day of Awesomeness Event for an awesome 2019.

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Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly

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What People Are Saying

I just had a Sunday afternoon filled with lots of good advice – I managed to read all the lessons! I used to blog a lot, but that was a few years ago. There is a lot a lot of competitivity, so, I better get the batteries on, follow the wise ones and do something good for my blog! Thanks again.

Steffi C.

Student, Squirrly COACHING

Oh, my. Squirrly is awesome stuff! I installed the plugin days ago but (thanks to your daily training) I was motivated to go deeper into it. The tips explained here regarding snippets and JSON-LD are so refreshing. I couldn’t thank you enough. You made it very comprehensive. I look forward to seeing the difference in my content. This is the best WordPress plugin I’ve discovered thus far.

Kevin T.

Student and PRO user, Squirrly COACHING

Perfect timing! I was just redoing my whole site when I discovered your training sessions. I think it’s amazing that you’re sharing all of these with us.

Laurie P.

Student, Squirrly COACHING

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