What You’ve Been Missing Out on in August 2022

August is gone (bye-bye summer!), but we ran the numbers and we invested a LOT ($65,120 USD to be exact) in our community over the month of August 2022.

When you invest in Squirrly products from our store, you’re making an investment in the success of your business… but you’re also making US invest more in:

  • you (our community)
  • the technology that powers all of our products

So let’s talk about you.

I hope you’ve been one of the hundreds of people (yes… hundreds!) who received awesome prizes and premium products for free from the Squirrly Company during August 2022.

First things first:

I see all this as an investment that we make.

You will see why, once you read that post. 


We keep investing in our community.

Many members grow really well and then they love knocking on our virtual door… for a lot more.

We’ve worked super hard to get you up and running, and those of you who have really been reading our emails, checking the store, and checking out our Twitter profile and our Facebook Group, have found awesome premium products.

For those of you who haven’t had the time to truly pay attention…

Here’s what you’ve been missing out on during August:

  •  6 Premium Copies of Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly
  •  795 x Premium Courses (full length courses) to 460 entrepreneurs in our community who went on to claim them
  •  3 Premium Copies of Squirrly SEO
  •  2 Premium Copies of Squirrly Social
  •  9 Premium Copies of Starbox PRO
  •  4 Premium Reports of Squirrly SPY

We invest in your success.

It’s our dream and our mission to help you Get Customers from the Internet.

Total Worth: 156 + 62,805 + 1,080 + 168 + 711 + 200 USD.

$ 65,120 USD given back to over 460 Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing Superstars who are loyal fans and who keep investing in their success (these numbers are only for August 2022).

What else has been going on in August 2022 in the Squirrly Universe?

There was also a really cool sales event for 3 products in our store.

Our affiliates had all sorts of amazing benefits.

Also, smart entrepreneurs have taken advantage of our brand-new In-Store Credits system.

Some have used the in-store credits to either buy new products with $15 USD off, or even to get their first month for free from a few premium products in our store.

Oh, yes, I even outlined a hack for using the credits system to turn $15 USD credits into $120 USD credits. Read inside this post.

So, the big question follows:

How Can You Make Sure You Won’t Be Missing Out on Our September 2022 Specials?

We have a lot of exciting things planned out for September that we can’t wait to share with you!

Thank you for being a part of our community. You inspire us every single day!

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