Skip that Extra Cup of Coffee Today and Buy a Premium Pass for Education Cloud Instead

19 Mar 2020
| Last update: 14 Apr 2020

Double Espresso or Nothing:

Do you usually take one espresso or a double espresso?

My advice: – if you’d normally get a double espresso, just stick to one espresso right now, and with the money that would make it a double, get yourself a monthly Premium Pass for Education Cloud 2020. Unlimited monthly access to everything inside.


Come on, don’t tell me you’d choose “nothing”, because you simply don’t like coffee at all…

– then, if coffee isn’t your thing … do you know what you could be doing with the money for one cup of coffee? You could get yourself a monthly Premium Pass for Education Cloud 2020.

HERE: you can sign up for Premium Pass (starting $4.99 USD / month) and get access to all of the following:







You now know the courses available on Education Cloud for March 2020.

There will be about 3 courses open every single month. For those of you who wish to get the Free Access plan. Premium Pass members get access to everything inside. All the time.

Simply create a free account here and you’ll have access to 3 courses every month.