Early Access to the Plan For Our Most Successful Social Media Contest Yet

Last time, I’ve shown you the Guide we’ve used to create the plan for our successful social media giveaway. I told you all about the great stats we got.

Now it’s time for me to show you the exact plan we’ve created according to that guide.

Next time I will show you how we created actionable, daily, steps to implement the plan I’m writing right here today.

You should open the guide in a new tab (just click and it will do that for you) and see how in my plan I followed those steps and ideas from the guide.

Oh, yes, one final word: This is the early access. In January I will remove this post from the blog. Starting January 2017, this series will only be available in our paid program called: Education Cloud PLUS.

Make sure you go through it while there’s still time.

Let’s begin reading this. Remember, I’m showing you the EXACT document. So sometimes the formatting is not the best. We don’t format our internal work files a lot. We have actual work to do.

It’s cool. It’s like you’re really part of the team now as you’re reading this:

Here is the plan:

  • we have landing page: https://www.squirrly.co/better-marketer
  • we have headtalker campaign: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/the-better-marketer-giveaway/
  • we have new.contentlook.co campaign setup for the landing page and the two articles that will talk about the giveaway. (this was the most important software we used to manage our content)
  • The GANTT file (in the next email from this series I will show it and explain it. It was 100% useful for knowing what to work every single day to make this plan a success.
  • The trello card with objectives (no longer needed due to placing objective information in this current file)

These first parts were there just for quick reference whenever we needed to find the links and to know the major assets that we have for this project.


Florin Muresan is in charge of the project starting 21 Sept 2016.

Florin will see what is important for the project and what still needs to be created.

He will co-ordinate. The exact tasks will be performed by the campaign party.

The Campaign Party:

Alex. email. social media.

Ana. Social Media Engagement. Engagement Manager. She will be in charge with community management over the whole period of the Campaign

Crissy: images / gfx.

  1. Defining the Objectives

High-Level. Priority:

Q3 Objectives Progress
More Q3 Sales for our Products

The Mini-Goals and How It Fits In With What We Need:

Measured and Tracking:

150 Participants
150 People on a Brand New Marketing List << at the end we will remove the entries which are not valid

100 People to our HeadTalker Campaign (to support us with their social media shoutouts)
POST-Campaign: 60 ContentLook Testers
200 Downloads for the Website Analysis Plugin we’ve just released
$800 in sales to Starbox PRO
700 Unique Visits to the Campaign Page
3% ClickRate overall
300 Social Media Shares for the Campaign
10,000 People Reached on Facebook

50 sweepstakes giveaway directories (from which we get traffic, participants and backlinks)
200 communities engaged. ADD UI Path

Find 10 Product Hunt users among participants.

10 More Brand Ambassadors

Re-engage our Email Lists. Make sure they don’t forget about us. See if they want to test out more products. See more about what we’ve been up to.

Showcase Products and Services, Brand, New Website, How Popular we Are. Much has changed during 2016 and we didn’t really talk much about it.

Showcase Website Analysis Plugin -> number of downloads already specified.
Education Cloud Plus -> 200 visits to this landing page

Showcase New Website. 20 Sept to 16 OCT. Measure website traffic. Then go back to February, March and April for same kind of periods and see how the Giveaway Period stacks up against the others. Question: Did it move the needle?

It’s very important that we manage to engage with many people and have them try out ContentLook. Most of them will because it’s the perfect complementary product to Squirrly (and it’s free).

Identify the people who should be OUT of our EMAIL MARKETING lists FOR GOOD !! easy way to find out absolutely whom we should kick out.

sorry if the upper item seems a bit harsh, but it’s true. We care a lot about our subscribers. That’s why we give prizes, that’s why we prepare so much content for them. We need to make sure that we only have people who also care about us.

Test out our Channels <<>> see how MUCH power we actually got. Actionable metrics. Including team power to get stuff done. Currently, we’re just in vanity metrics mode over the fact that we have a list 65,000 peeps strong.
>> all ‘o this channel testing will help us evaluate options for when we’ll promote Starbox PRO 2017, Squirrly 2017 and ContentLook 2017.

will get ppl familiarized with the new website and with our Brand

will let people know how many experts use our awesome Software

30,000 Reach through the WordPress SEO Plugin >> in-app.

from this you can see that we had a really clear picture of the things we wanted to happen. Most of these were our objectives as a company for Q3. The rest were to get more people familiar with our latest changes and product releases. We’ve released two new free products. Of course we want people to know about them

2) Choose the platform for Your Successful Social Media Contest – We chose Twitter with HeadTalker

1,381,501 people -> that was our reach on Twitter, due to our headtalker campaign

3) Decide What Type of Social Media Giveaway You’ll Organize

  • we will use random.org and Draw the Winners in a Live Show on Youtube, so that we show our audience 100% transparency

the video is here if you want to check it out

4) Pick a Prize

  • amazing things from our Brand that will help people become better marketers
  • great marketing books by amazing authors
  • a list will be available soon on the campaign’s landing page

yes, the list is still here. we offered 125 PRIZES.

5) Create a Set of Rules and an Entry Process

  • this is the most important part of our giveaway
  • remember: this is a bit tricky.
  • in the first part of the Giveaway campaign there will be a two-step entry process, in order to get people to support our HeadTalker campaign. This will cause a viral effect which will in turn bring a lot of people to the campaign. When the new people arrive they will have a one-step process because the HeadTalker will have been fully “funded” with supporters.
  • Basically: until 6th October: two-step process. After 6th and until 16th: One-Step.

you’ll see more about the rules in the next parts of this plan:

6) Come Up with a Schedule

  • we have a GANTT for our Campaign Party. (the team working on the campaign)
  • use that one and make sure you perform all the daily tasks

7) Create Hype and Start Promoting


Marketers. Non-technical Marketers. People who participate in contests.
70% Squirrly Brand Subscribers.
30% New People
Because of this => we need to clearly specify: The Squirrly Company. place links towards the company information page.
Plan to Roll Out:
– Make RULES. Contest Rules page.
– Mention Privacy Policy
– Landing Page finished
– Make sure that Landing Page has Super VW menu in it. It will help divert the traffic towards where we want.
– Place headshots of the amazing authors
– HeadTalker finished and approved
– Upper sticky menu with TERMS and CTA
– TWO Step process for Joining and being a part of this Giveaway.
1) HeadTalker Support
2) Complete The Following Form
– Write Clear Objectives
– Write Battle Plan for how to engage more people and make them Join the Giveaway
– Choose Goals
– Establish Timeline
– A Clear Promotion Strategy
– Know Your Target Audience
– Choose a Campaign Hashtag (#bettermarketer)
– Setup Monitoring Streams (tweetdeck)
– Setup a Process for Using the Monitoring Streams
– Establish your campaign Platform (twitter plus HeadTalker plus LP)
– Establish Daily Activities that will ensure the success of this Campaign
– Create a GANTT
– Make plan for spreading wide to all our Designated Distribution Channels available to the Squirrly BRAND.
– Explain in more detail each prize. Show how it helps each member of our audience become a better marketer.
– Insert Section 2: “What do all of these Amazing Authors have in common?” – answer: their books are up for grabs in our giveaway –
– We’ve never done a Giveaway so massive
– links towards each individual prize, so that participants can check them out
– will let people know how many experts use our awesome Software >> place banners and such that improve trust and Brand in the eyes of participants
small terms:
1) Enter to Win one (or more of the Prizes) by completing the two main steps presented on the Giveaway page

2) There will be a draw made with random.org on the 20th of October 2016

3) As personal data, we only ask for email address (for the Software Licenses you’ll win, and for future communication on behalf of Squirrly Limited) and Twitter Handle (so that we can track support on HeadTalker [step 1 of entering the giveaway] and the message you post on twitter [during step 2]) The data will only be used by Squirrly Limited. It will not be given to any third-parties. All employees are under strict NDAs regarding privacy of customers, partners, investors, fans and contest participants.

4) Random Draw Changes can occur in case the random.org picks a user to win a License for which they already have a PRO version. The participant will not lose, it’s just that she/he will win a different prize for which they do not have an active PRO version.

5) Squirrly PRO and Starbox PRO licenses are not intended for people who already have PRO versions of these software products.

6) We sell our software to over 80 countries in the World. Anyone, from any country is welcome to join the giveaway and win prizes.


Products I still need to check:

Website Analysis Plugin

For ContentLook: we’ll need a smart way to get emails from those who are interested.
For Posts Plugin: we’ll need it rolled out on WP Directory.
Daily Things TO DO:

Special Campaign Stand Meeting
Monitor Streams
Check Mentions
Use Analytics. Track number of people who saw campaign
Track Open Rates in MailChimp for campaign-specific emails
Engage Participants
Find people talking about seo plugins
Find people talking about author box plugins
Find people talking about marketing trainings
Find people talking about video marketing
Find people talking about youtube streaming
Find people talking about # book 1
Find people talking about # book 2
Find people talking about # book 3
Find people talking about # book 4
Find people talking about # book 5
Find people talking about # book 6
Find people talking about # book 7
Find people talking about # book 8
Find people talking about # book 9
Find people talking about # book 10



This is all for today

Next Time: The Schedule, the GANTT and how we turned THIS plan into the successful social media contest that we all came to love!

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