Learn Now: Entry Points on Your Website

How do clients enter your site?

It’s not through the homepage.

Your marketing will work! … well… it will. Once you start looking at your websites in a very different way than you do at the Walmart or Target store next to you.

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For any kind of website: presentation site, business site, e-commerce, directory, restaurant site, agency site, blog, personal brand site, and more.

For the online world, the homepage is a bit of an Alien concept, because it’s very different than what you see happening in the real world.

In the real world, if you’re Apple, for example, people will walk into your Apple Store through a door. Right? Through a main door that gets them inside your Apple Store.

And that’s the way in. People can’t break through the roof to enter the Apple Store. They won’t burst in by breaking a window.

The only way in is through the door.

But Online, things are very very different.

Your homepage (the domain name, in most cases) … your apple dot com – that won’t be the way that people reach you.

Sure, there will be some traffic through there, but that’s not how most people will get in.

If your clients search for “iPhone”, they won’t land on apple dot com. Nope. Not on the homepage.

They will enter the store through /iphone , which is a page on your site.

They won’t go in through the door.

They will go through the roof! (well, the real-world equivalent of doing that).

That’s why in marketing, we call these things “landing pages”, because it’s where people land on your site.

It’s not like they walk in through the door (homepage) and then they navigate the hallways to reach the area where the iPhones are presented. NO. They will land directly in the iPhone spot.

There are so many reasons for all that I’m writing to you here today. I will tell you all about them (together with my co-instructor Paul) inside the:

Entry Points Lesson

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