How to Fix Website Vulnerabilities and Enhance Your WordPress Security

Your WordPress version may not be the most exciting aspect of your website, but when it comes to security, it’s absolutely crucial to stay on top of it. Let’s find out the importance of checking your WordPress version and provide you with easy methods to fix website vulnerabilities.

Why Checking Your WordPress Version Matters for Your Security

WordPress, being a powerful platform, is not immune to security vulnerabilities that can jeopardize your website and compromise the safety of your valuable data, as well as that of your customers. These vulnerabilities encompass a wide range of issues, from simple coding errors to more intricate exploits that cybercriminals can exploit. However, there are effective measures you can take to fix website vulnerabilities and enhance the security of your WordPress-powered site.

The good news is that many of these vulnerabilities can easily be prevented by updating your WordPress version. WordPress consistently releases security updates designed to patch vulnerabilities that opportunistic cybercriminals love to exploit. These updates include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security patches to ensure that your website remains secure.

By updating your WordPress version, you not only protect your website from potential threats but also benefit from the latest features and improvements that WordPress has to offer. This helps to ensure that your website functions optimally and provides a seamless user experience.

It’s important to note that these security updates don’t typically alter WordPress in any significant way. Instead, they focus on fixing specific vulnerabilities and strengthening the overall security of the platform. As such, they should be applied as soon as they are released to minimize the risk of your website being compromised.

Easy Ways to Check Your WordPress Version

Verifying your WordPress version is an effortless task, and there are several methods you can employ to fix website vulnerabilities and ensure that you have the latest version installed. If you have administrator dashboard access, checking your WordPress version becomes a breeze. Simply navigate to the WordPress back-end and go to the “Updates” section located under the “Dashboard” menu. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive overview indicating whether your WordPress version is up to date or if an update is required to address any existing vulnerabilities.

fix website vulnerabilities

Another quick and accessible method is to scroll to the bottom of any page in your admin view. In the bottom right corner, you’ll notice the prominently displayed version number. This straightforward approach allows you to quickly identify your current WordPress version and determine if it requires updating to fix any potential website vulnerabilities.

By utilizing these simple methods to check your WordPress version, you take a proactive step towards maintaining a secure website and safeguarding your data and that of your visitors. Remember, keeping your WordPress version up to date is crucial in effectively addressing website vulnerabilities and fortifying your website’s overall security posture.

Use Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly to fix website vulnerabilities

In addition to the aforementioned methods, you can also utilize a plugin called Hide My WP Ghost plugin developed by Squirrly. This powerful plugin not only allows you to check your WordPress version but also offers an invaluable Security Check feature, which thoroughly assesses various aspects of your website’s security posture.

With Hide My WP Ghost, you can ensure that your WordPress version is up to date and secure. If you happen to be running an outdated version, this plugin will promptly notify you, serving as a reliable reminder to update and patch any existing vulnerabilities. To initiate a comprehensive security check using Hide My WP Ghost, navigate to the Hide My Wp > Security Check section within your WordPress dashboard. Once there, simply click the Start Scan button, and the plugin will diligently scrutinize your website for any potential weaknesses or security gaps that need immediate attention.

By incorporating the Hide My WP Ghost plugin into your security toolkit, you gain an additional layer of protection and a reliable mechanism to fix website vulnerabilities. This plugin not only streamlines the process of checking your WordPress version but also empowers you to conduct thorough security assessments with ease. Embracing this plugin and utilizing its Security Check feature contributes significantly to maintaining a robust and secure website environment.

The Importance of Updating Your WordPress Version

According to official WordPress statistics, only about 57.6% of WordPress sites are using the latest version, leaving a significant number of websites vulnerable to potential attacks. All previous versions of WordPress can contain vulnerabilities that might result in your website being hacked. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your WordPress version up to date at all times.

When a new version of WordPress is available, you will receive an update message in your WordPress admin screens. It’s crucial not to ignore these notifications, as they serve an important purpose in keeping your website secure. To update to the latest version of WordPress, simply click the link provided in the update message.


Fixing website vulnerabilities and ensuring your WordPress version is up to date is a critical task in maintaining the security of your website and protecting your data. By regularly checking your WordPress version and applying updates promptly, you can safeguard your website from potential cyber threats.

Remember, WordPress releases security updates to patch vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit. Neglecting these updates increases the risk of your website falling victim to attacks. Take the time to check your WordPress version using the methods discussed in this article, and make updating to the latest version a priority.

Don’t overlook the importance of website security. Keep your WordPress version up to date and stay proactive in addressing any vulnerabilities. By doing so, you can maintain a secure and reliable website for your business and customers.

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