Hot Off the Press: Age of Startups Legends

10 Jul 2020
| Last update: 26 Aug 2020

Last month was the biggest event we ever did for you: our amazing community, where we offered lots of awesome prizes for people who showed up for the event and engaged with us.

You can read more about that here.

We want to keep giving. We just finished publishing our book called “Age of Startups: Legends” and you get a free copy right here.

No email required to download. So just go ahead and see this new book.

It has a couple of good marketing lessons, which you might find interesting and also read about our decisions to start the Games Division and why it makes sense for our community.

This was important to finish because we have a new Big List of Prizes you can win by playing the new Keep Ranking game from Squirrly and the new book is a great collectible to own.

Premium Software, Books, and Online Classes.

See how to play the game (only desktop).