I’ve just posted to Instagram

22 Sep 2018
| Last update: 22 Apr 2019

I’ve just posted to Instagram and here’s how you can do it too:

This will be a very visual example. Make sure you enable Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to display images inside this email.

Send any new post from WordPress to my social media profiles? .. can I do that?

Yes! Read the Setup Instructions for this automation.

What are ALL the features included in every single plan?

All of these:

  1. Unlimited Team Members
  2. RSS Feed Resources
  3. Automatic Content Recycling
  4. Blog (even WordPress blog) to Social Media
  5. Publish to ALL your Social Profiles with ONE Click
  6. Unlimited Scheduled Posts
  7. Unlimited Content Categories for EverGreen Posting
  8. Link Shortening
  9. Automatic Hashtags, AI-Based
  10. Machine Learning and A.I. Help
  11. Average Time Saved: 5 hrs. / week / brand
  12. Social Media Content Curation. Find New Posts To Keep Your Audiences Engaged.
  13. Boost Website and Blog Traffic through Evergreen Publishing
  14. Extend the Life of Every Single Blog Post Through Repeat Publications
  15. Options to Add Manual Hashtags
  16. Auto-Emojis
  17. Published Posts History
  18. Simple Timings Setup
  19. Advanced Timings Setup
  20. Repeat Forever Option
  21. Repeat A Number of Times
  22. Send Just Once
  23. Brand Customizations
  24. Make it Easy for Clients to Give You Access Without Password Compromises
  25. Create Folders to organize your Media Files
  26. API Access
  27. Integrations with Zapier
  28. Approval Workflows
  29. See All Future Posts in a Visual Calendar
  30. Post Time Sensitive Content at Specific Time
  31. Full Control On What Is Published to Any Profile
  32. Options for BRANDED Content with Name and Logo
  33. Discover content through Squirrly’s Social Media Assistant
  34. Token Refresh

Have a great time using Squirrly Social:

Have a great time automating your social media activity.