You’re Invited! Join My Session at the Business Success Summit

Turning Entrepreneurs and Non-SEO Experts into Digital Marketing Superstars is my passion.

I’ve been invited to teach coaches, entrepreneurs, small business owners, local business owners and therapists how to get clients from Google.

What’s really exciting is that my LIVE session will be on my birthday, 25th June.

I was just 21 when I first started building Digital Assistants that help website owners bring traffic and clients to their sites.

I’ll be turning 34 this 25th June. Will you join me for my session?

I’d love to have you with me. My presentation is part of a very big event, filled with many awesome speakers from around the world.

You’ll get to learn exact methods, along with many examples and reasons why SEO works in a certain way… and the best part is:

– this time, with moderator Eugen Popa’s help, I will go from the very basics to some of the most advanced strategies in SEO.

I’ve learned a LOT over the years (and yes, I’ve built the Two-Times-In-A-Row most-awarded SEO tool on the planet, along with 29 other products that help entrepreneurs).

If you join me, you will learn a lot, too.

Best part? – The event has a Free Pass, and you can check out each session at the event at any time you want (during 24 hours of its release). So you won’t really have to stress for time.

Check out my website to find more ways you can learn from me.

More Updates on Squirrly’s Website:

Squirrly’s Store for Entrepreneurs also received many updates and you can watch my video here.

We have 6 streamers at almost each hour now on our homepage, showcasing interesting details about our (many) products.

Our entire family of products for entrepreneurs received many updates in 2023 and we’re still pushing many more.

We created a community section here, where members of our community can easily go to find all the sub-blogs, roadmaps, Facebook groups, and other resources we offer for our valued members.

SEO Plugin xyz:

We also updated our SEOplugin xyz (we only share that with our community) website for you.

There you can watch a video that shows how you can use our roadmap and how to interact with the updates.

This is important for us, because YOU, our community, have been incredible and we love receiving your ideas and feedback.

You pushed us to make a winning product. Squirrly SEO is a Two-Years-In-A-Row Most Awarded SEO Tool.

Thank you!

Innovator & CEO
Seasoned Entrepreneur, Content Marketing Trainer. Loves Archery, Writing, Coffee and Wine. VIP in the Delivering Happiness Movement. Helps startup communities.

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