Of Squirrels and Education Cloud

It’s our mission to help you go from business owner, or side-business owner, to Digital Marketing Superstar.

Here is the Code for the 151 SEO Strategies and Growth Ideas.

When you log into Education Cloud PLUS today (and get the 151 ideas, if you haven’t redeemed them already), you will notice new sections in the upper menu. Those help you reach new EdTech features.

With the 41 courses, we plan to help you up your game and learn even topics like:

  • email marketing
  • ecommerce
  • how to validate business ideas
  • how to setup client meetings

And a lot more.

We started with 6 (mainly-SEO) courses in Nov 2019. We’ve got so much more for you today.

With these many courses inside, the natural evolution of Education Cloud PLUS was to build up the: Learning Journeys.

🔥 Learning Journeys:

You can see which classes to take and in which order to achieve a very specific goal.

For example: if you need to get a new person in your team (or a new employee) to start handling the SEO of your sites successfully, just direct them to the “Hand-On SEO Work” Learning Journey.

They’ll get to learn everything they need to start doing your SEO like a PRO.

Another example: maybe you need to learn from A to Z how to build your personal brand – from concept, to graphics, to actual implementation.

Just go to the “Personal Branding Mastery” Learning Journey, and two of our seven instructors will teach you how to build high Authority on the Web and attract customers.

🔥 Recommendations Engine:

With so much premium content inside, the Squirrly team was tasked with helping our Education Cloud PLUS students find exactly which courses they needed to take in order to improve very specific skills.

The recommendations engine (or Learning Assistant from Squirrly) was born. And I’ll dedicate a special email for it, to let you know more.

🔥 Custom Learning Plan – Your Own Playlist:

Over 540 learning materials inside at the moment.

You will eventually fall in love with some of our videos, audio lessons, text or html lessons and you will need a quick way to keep them organized.

It’s awesome to be able to reach (with a single click) all the lessons you feel you need to re-take every once in a while.

You can add any single lessons across the 41 courses inside Education Cloud PLUS to your Custom Learning Plan now.

Make your own custom-tailored learning plan from multiple disciplines.



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