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03 Sep 2018
| Last update: 22 Apr 2019

There were so many roadblocks created by the Facebook Company (which owns Instagram), that it was starting to be quite depressing. Your support helped us push through and reach this exciting milestone:

Awesome News: Instagram is Here for your Account

We’ve listened to your requests and your wishes and we’ve managed to find a super fast way to make Instagram available to you… right NOW!

While we ARE still preparing our own app (the review team made us re-submit due to the FB scandal), we’ve made certain you can use Instagram with Squirrly Social right away. You can start right now as you’re reading this.

Here’s the first post I’ve ever published to Instagram through our Squirrly Social platform for social media management. (click to see the post)

You might remember that I wrote about helping two other big social media management platforms out there in the past. One of the best things I advised them to do was to integrate with FREE Buffer accounts. They won big by doing this.

I followed my own advice this time. It has worked perfectly for the other startups. It works perfectly for Squirrly Social as well.

Your Settings and your Content Calendar on Squirrly Social handles all the management. Your free buffer account (you can easily create a buffer account for free) will instantly publish what Squirrly Social tells it to publish and where. (also: to which account, if you’ll add more).

This way, your free buffer account will allow you to post unlimited free messages via Buffer. Your only limit is the Squirrly Social limit you set for yourself in the Post Planner.

So what should you do right now to start posting from your Squirrly Social account to your Instagram profile?

– log in to social dot squirrly dot co. (the platform)
– go to: Manage Social Profiles. Click “add a social media profile”.
– Select Buffer Profile from the list.

Just connect with the free Buffer (or paid, if you have a paid account) account and Squirrly Social will let you select the profile you want to send to through Buffer.

You’ll start posting on Instagram from your Squirrly Social Post Planner in no time.

Facebook is Back:

The developer platform of Facebook has been having major issues. We were in the last step of re-applying for Facebook access since the 23rd of August 2018. From then ’til now, they had a bug which couldn’t get fixed, which caused delay. The contracts were signed, everything was done, however full access couldn’t be given due to the bugs that FB had.

You can log into Squirrly Social and re-connect your Facebook Page right now.

We will apply for Facebook Groups as well. We’ll expect that to be ready soon, but can’t guarantee anything, since it depends a lot on their developers and their support teams.

I’ve just published a new Facebook post right now with Squirrly Social. You can see it here.

Google PLUS has been on the platform since August:

You can connect a Google Plus profile to your Squirrly Social Account.

However, that Google Plus account needs to be connected to a Google Apps / G-Suite account.

That’s the only way in which Google Plus allows you to schedule and automate social media posts to Google Plus.

We couldn’t find any work-around at the moment. Of course, if you have tips and ideas they are more than welcome.

Backup System in place to avoid any new surprises:

Now, while I do like solving problems, I also really love making sure that once I’ve solved a problem that problem has a very very low chance of occuring in the future.

That’s why: in case Facebook causes weird Global scandals again and then punishes app developers with tools such as Squirrly Social, we have a backup in place.

If our Social Connect Gateway gets taken down by them for any reason, you’ll be able to keep posting completely Stress-Free through Buffer.

You’ll be safe from any weird new events from now on.

Post all new Blog Posts to your Social Media Accounts WITHOUT pushing a single button:

Even with all the crazy things we had to do lately, we DID create everything we promised we would.

Here’s an awesome Guide. Click it. Start using it today.

With this guide you’ll be able to connect your WordPress Blog with Squirrly Social Post Planner categories and have every new item scheduled directly to your social media profiles, without ever clicking a button.

You’ll set it only once, and then you’ll benefit from amazing marketing Automation.

Navigate blog posts on the Internet, press one Button in Google Chrome and Instantly add that blog post or Product Page directly to your Content Schedule:

A new exciting guide is here:

You’ll get a Google Chrome button (an extension) which allows you to click and instantly send the PAGE that you’re on to your Social Media Post Planner.

How did I use it?

I’ve posted all the latest Youtube videos to our social media channels. It would’ve taken me a lot of work to copy and paste links, descriptions, titles, etc. By using the button, I simply went on each video, clicked the Chrome button and BOOM! the videos were on my social media profiles.

How can you use it?

– for videos, like I did
– for interesting web articles to share with your audience
– for older blog posts, property listings, products pages, service pages, testimonial pages from your site. You can navigate your own site and easily send anything to your Planner, without extra copy and pasting work.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal still causes problems:

I’m happy that we now have a backup in place.

At one point, even Spotify’s Facebook Log In button app was down, due to the Scandal and the mandatory app re-submissions.

Facebook won’t ever allow any kind of app to publish to Facebook Profiles. It’s the reason why all the crowdspeaking platforms which were popular a year ago are now shut down for good. Including: ThunderClap.

There’s nobody who can offer an app which posts to profiles on FB.

I hope that we’ll soon have access to Facebook Groups. It all depends on their decisions and their next steps in fixing this global problem.

Have a great time using Squirrly Social:

Have a great time using all the new features and profiles I brought to you today!